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My music sounds like DJ Premier & Dr. Dre's quirky little nephew, who grew up in Atlanta listening to A Tribe Called Quest and Idolizing J-Dilla.

About ME

Everything I know about music I learned from listening. Whether it was Jazz or R&B, 70’s Funk and Soul, Hip-Hop, Alternative, and even old school southern Gospel, all the music I’ve heard over the years has influenced my sound in some way shape or form. Growing up in a family with so many varying musical tastes, I had the distinct pleasure of being exposed to many different styles. As a kid I was like a sponge soaking it all in. Being that I have virtually no formal training, I rely purely on instinct for my musical creations. To put it short, I just do what I feel. My purpose is to make music that inspires people, writers and other producers as well. My goal is to stretch creative and cultural boundaries, and present material we can all relate to regardless of where you are in the world. As far as my professional goals, I want to make a living working with artists who are open minded and willing to experiment with a diversity of sound. Also I want to produce for other mediums such movie soundtracks, video games, television shows, commercials, and jingles for radio advertising.

Your top 10 Hip-Hop producers

I'm curious to know who you all have as your top 10 Hip-Hop producers of all time.

My top 10

1) Dr. Dre 2) Timbaland 3) DJ Premier 4) RZA 5) J Dilla 6) Pete Rock 7) Hi-Tek 8) Mannie Fresh 9) Swizz Beats 10) KLC Honorable mention: Kanye West

As far as I see it, there are no weak links in this line up. But I still get the feeling I'm missing someone. Who's in your top 10?