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As we press on with recording brand new material for our third, as yet unnamed, album, we'll be updating ReverbNation with exclusive previews of brand new material plus free streaming and selected free downloads of tracks from both "Some Kind Of Bliss" and "Into The Hollows" over the next few days and weeks. The new stuffs sounding AWESOME and we're feeling very barryful indeed.

Evening all.

Well, it's enormously late but finally we're getting our web presence sorted out. ReverbNation, Facebook, Myspace etc., it's all overdue a revamp and the beginning of 2011 is the time to do it.

So here we are. Hi. Pleasure to see you.

If you're in Edinburgh or Glasgow or Stirling or Perth or Dundee or Ayr or Dumfries or Newcastle or Manchester or Leeds or London or UK or Europe or, hell if you're *anywhere*, come and see us. We do make a nicely aggravating beautiful noise that has a mysterious tendency to stick in your head and hey, there's only 3 of us. There's a few tracks here that should give you a pretty decent idea of what we do: two from our first album and in particular three raucous live recordings (from a cracking night in Camden in November supporting the Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra and JimBob) of songs from the new album we're just polishing off for an imminent release.

Enjoy what's here at the moment, more content will be going up on a regular basis and we'll be keeping in touch with as many fans as we can because you're obviously a lovely lot with discerning taste and a refined palate.

The GMB. Making love to diminished chords since 2006. Awra best