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We Beneath The Above

Beneath The Above This Hologram Dagger, Space Camp and Valley of the Kings Studio Collabo is Something Almost Beyond Explanation. Surely Not Completely Conveyed in Words. I had the Privilage of being Part of this Poetic, Vocal and Musical Journey. The Energy in the Valley of the Kings Studio that Night was Something Electric and Reached Into The Core. Emcee's, DJ's, Poets, Thespians and Artists Combined to Create a Choir Orchestrated with an Energy and Drive that was Infectious. From the Mind, Music and Spirit of Steve Wick to the Poetic and Inspiring Words of Dean Dillinger and IZK, The Emotinal Vocal Projection of Paco Estrada and Keisha Hunter Coupled with the Space Camp Choir Voices of IZK, Don Been Ready, GOAT, Dean Dillinger, X-Calibur, Theary(Edgar Allan Flow), Night Nurse, Amoa Soleil, Keisha Hunter and Anna Elisabeth Taylor, Comes This Musical Equation Mixed by Jonathon Thomas at Valley of the Kings Studio. A Truely Amazing Experience. It Sparked Vision and Hope Thru Unity and Compelled a Synergy. I am Filled with the Feeling that a Time has Arrived. A Time of Evolution and A Time to Command Attention and Shake the Wall's. Shed the Trends and Make New Waves. Raise The Bar on Craft and Content. It's On Us All to Continue to Reach Higher, Deeper and Further. This Is for My Comrads. In this Moment I am Awake and I See You. I Feel You and Hear You, Your Colors and Sounds, Your Images and Words Move Me. Leaves Me Stirred and Heavily Compelled. Let Us Shake the Foundation and Awaken the Ant Hill. We must Build. We must Speak Louder. We must Stress the Shackles, Shift the Oars and Change the Course. Here I Stand Beneath The Above. I Stand with my Fellow Creators, Supporters and Fans, My Fellow Soldiers, Warriors, Enemys and Friends. The Road I Travel is Long, Twisted and Rocky but Our Journey Together is Bold and Revolutionary. Close Yours Eyes when You Hear this Song. Take Off Your Armor and Absorb the Sounds and Let Words be Bond. Be Open. The Sentiment is Pure and Real. The Energy is Deep and Strong. Let Your Spirit Stir. In a Time where Collabortion and Unity are Growing and Accelerating. Circles Interweiving and Expanding. This Is a Force that Truely Can Turn the Tide in Dallas Ft.Worth and Across the Globe. We are the Art, the Love and the Magic, the Hologram Daggers in this Audio Warfare, We the Street Scholars and Bums of Theary who Neva Dug Disco, a Vigilante Movement, Teachers of Southern Intelligance, We Valley of Kings, We Poor Vidas and Rec Shop Crews, To Some an Illusion but We Are Ever Sharpened and Ready to Weild and Not Easily Subdued. We Graphers, Painters, WordSmiths and Instrument Players. We Vocalists, Mixers and Masterers, We the Engineers, Producers and Promoters, We Dancers and Designers, We Actors and Actress', We Painters of Bodys and Faces, We Directors, Photographers and Camera Men, We Voices and Visionaries, We Revolutionarys! We the Relentless Strugglers and Passionate Grinders, The We Get It Started Late but We Some Late Nighters, Beat Junkies and Head Bobbers, Internet Bloggers, Music Downloaders, Day Sleepers and Night Walkers, We Club Owners, Bartenders and Tippers, We Sound Guys and Watchers of the Door, We Designers of the Flyers on the Floor, Sound Men and Bar Keeps, We Cover Charge Payers and Parking Lot Grazers, Traveling from From City Lofts and Suburban Apartments, Against The Odds, WithStanding Branded in Tattoos and Peircings, Guaged and Miss Matched Earings, Scars, Expressions and Reminders, We the Ugly, We the Beautiful, We the Hungry, We the Strong. This is the New Era Standing Tall Beneath the Above. Theary aka EAF http://soundcloud.com/hologram-dagger/beneath-the-above

Sheep and Wolves

"There was A Man Who Lived His Life Persuing Knowledge and Digging Deeper for Real Truths. He Often Mocked Those Who Had Lesser Understandng. Casting Judgements and Curses at Them. As He Came to the End of His Earthly Journey he Left This Physical Realm for the Next Dimension. He was Proud and Thought Himself Righteous and Full of Knowledge and Light. When He Came Before The Voice of The Creator, The Voice asked Him to Open His Soul. When He Opened His Soul, The Truth Poured Out of Him, The True Voice Of Life and Conciousness Asked Him, "You Have Crossed the Path of Many Sheep Have You Not?" He replied "Yes, I Have Seen Many Sheep Blind and Hungry." The Voice asked Him, "And When You Passed These Sheep Hungry and Lost in The Dark, What Did You Do?" He Replied After a Pause, "I Offered Them Food and They Could Not Digest It So I Scolded and Cursed Them. They Could Not See My Light So I Left Them Wandering." The Voice Spoke With Sadness and asked Him, "If They Could Not Digest Could You Not Break The Food Down To Sizeable Portions? If They Could Not Swallow, Could You Not Provide Water? Is Righteousness Found In Scolds and Curses? If They Could Not See Your Light, Could You Not Get Closer? Could You Not Shine Brighter? You Left Them Wandering Amidst The Wolves and They Have Devoured Them. I Hear Their Torment and Mourn Their Loss. For I had Created Them With as Much Love and Hope as I Had Created You. I Provided You With Ample Food to Feed The Many and A Light To Shine Bright and Steady. I Provided You These Blessings Because You Are Strong. And The Strong Shall Lead The Lost, The Weak and The Feeble. But You Have Left Them Behind and Walked for Yourself and Others Like You, Much Like The Wolves. I Had Chosen You To Be a Warrior and Protector and You Have Failed to Stand for Your Brothers and Sisters. Have You Become a Wolf? Wolves Know Nothing of Righteousness Because They Prey Upon The Weak." Theary aka EAF .

Fear Is My Enemy

"Do Not Fear Your Enemies But Learn and Know Them, Do Not Worship Your Masters But Respect and Observe Them, You Can Fear No End If You Can Believe Its Really a Begining, And Even If You Fear, Seek To Conquer and Overcome. To Know Your Enemy Is To Learn Your Fear, To Overcome Your Fear Is To Conquer Your Enemy, To Believe In New Beginings Is To Embrace Every End, And If You Respect Your Masters, If Honorable, They Will Require No Worship." Theary aka EAF .


"Conspiracy! If an individual is promoting, boasting or encouraging acts considered to be sinful, then lets state the obvious. That individual, wether knowingly or blindly, is doing the "Devil's" work. The contract does not have to be written in blood, but rather in action. Action and Word have Certain Power, as Manifest Destiny, The Word of "God" and The Power of The Tongue. A Puppet is better Useful when not in the "know". Blind leading the Blind!!! Mind Control, Propoganda, Brain Washing all done thru hypnotic suggestion, symbolism, repetition and subliminal messaging. It is What it Is wether you wanna face it or not. You dont have to be a willing participant in an organizations agenda, you simply need to do what they need you to do to accomplish their goals. Step back and look around you, read between the lines. Dont let your Fear of The Truth or Fear of the Real Battle going on right under your noses rule you. I have been mocked and laughed at for my observations. I have been silently casted as negative. I have been ignored. As have millions who have observed the same. "God" made Lovers and "God" made Warriors. Without Warriors Lovers would not have the freedom to Love. Someone has to fight the fight. Standing by silently is as much an enabler as those who wage war in the open. I sense a great change upon the horizon. I and many others see the lies and deception that is common placed and translated in our daily lives. Its not a Religious War, Its a Spiritual War. Feed your feeble and tired and hungry, Heal your sick and wounded, Guide your young and misguided, Topple the Trends and Confront your Ego. Laugh it off if you choose to. But your laughter is temporary. Face The Face of What We Have Embraced and Scream The Call to Stand and Fight!!!!" Theary aka EAF

Hate Pt. 2

"The hate and ill spoken words from ones mouth is the very energy they will feel and empower. Behold, they judge their peers an condemn them without knowing. With contempt they speak aloud. Blindly, they burst and spew like volcanos raining ash and fire upon those they seek out. We must forgive as we forgive ourselves, for he/she who cast words of scorn shall suffer their own ridicule. Every soul in human form will sin upon themselves and others, yet point to the other for their sins. No one is righteous as the truth. From the depths rise the strong and the good of heart, and they will cast hope and seek to build, rather then destroy. Those verbal abuses that the ego will throw will hit like stones, but they will darken the spirit in those who weild them. Weakening their resolve, confusing their thoughts and twisting their emotions. Cast love and inspiration. Weild weapons of empathy and understanding, respect and forgiveness. In the physical world, man/woman is given Ego which is cultured and tailored in civilization. Most will wear it aloud and some will show larger and gaughtier then others. Awaken, Humble the heart before it turns to stone. We must combat the Ego with knowledge and persue wisdom. Many will claim they are wise with knowledge, but true knowledge becomes wisdom, ONLY when applied in daily life." Theary aka EAF .


"Word to the hateful, I m not shaken by your mistaken assumptions and anger driven deliberations. Hatefulness is a boomerang game. Soon enough it comes back at you. What is spoken is manifest. U manifest energies of the broken, Minds open will find truths only when humble and sensative to all others in their scope. Harmful comments and vicious verbal attacks hold back growth and understanding in a spiritual and metaphysical sense. Hense I will try my best to combat the virus that conspires to break down love and better sense". Theary aka EAF .


.They call me a Taurian, a hard headed oritorian, Theary Tha Pulpit, tellin' my story like historians, spit it with an Edgar Allan Flow, pullin' cards and n exposin' blindfoldin', holdin' a mic, seperatin' tha sheep from tha wolves, grab ya hookahs and get you a pull, and bring ya floaty's when ya swim in my pool, tha depths is deep, my auditorium brings death to tha day of tha fools, death to tha ego, and I'm openin' school, sheddin' light and utilizin' these tools, I'm a fighter never surrender cause I fight for tha truth, some slander my struggle, show no concern for others, I see my sisters n brothers, how many get lost in tha hustle, how many turn a blind eye to others who struggle, this life to me isn't peach's n cream, count my blessin's but confess I've seen too many crushed dreams, friends findin' death at tha end of a barrel or rope, millions in parrel n to tired to carry they hope, if you jus watchin', step out from ya shelta and pick up a yoke, seven deadly sins sold on tha shelves like food n soap, feed n bath till its all they know, pop culture, blind religion, and no desire to live in tha know. Theary aka EAF .

Real As It Gets

"Some kats jus wanna be on stage, pretending they got somethin to say, pretty shiny necklace n rock star shades, same ol rap beats n word play from tha second grade, catch'm spitten titty bar raps, so into themselves they don't even notice tha ladies turning away, think its kool cuz hoochies hang round so they rap about gettin play, all the while real emcees is takin aim, these kats might think they gotta settle and sell, cause they got fantasys about rap videos n a millionare payday, peddling ignorance cause that's what the radio sells, convinced that its all ok, snagged up in commercial tracks, drug traps n the illusion of fame, we circle these cats cause it's square bizness, different angles of attack, hope they figure out what real is, cause the game these days is a damn mess and that's as real as it gets." Theary aka EAF .