Gig this Saturday at Alternagate

Sat 02/06 eat OX for Queenie puke it out at the fair make room for beer at Alternagate Vanilla Bar from 6 we'll be there to abuse your ears!


Aiming to record some new shite to make your brain hurt in next few weeks! You have been warned..............

new sick and twisted material

Feeling low after christmas? Debts piling in? Fuck that you fannies get some cash and get t o the Regency on 4 Feb where we can abuse you and make you feel even fucking worse you vile klinkers - watch out for new songs 'The Dark' and 'Stalker' which are fucking great!


Playing Vanilla Bar 27 Nov - new songs, new victims, new rehearsal room with added inspiration(ta Lex), same old offensive muthafuckers! See you there slackers........

Double booked!!!

So our last blog was we're sick of practicing - well we got double booked with an under 5's birthday party at the church hall we were practicing at (Kairos)and we had lied and said we were soft rock called the Steve Cooper band - once we started to play it wasnt long before the children were crying there little eyes out (ha ha ha) and we got kicked out of our practice hall - on the plus side the older kids in the area liked us and asked for our autographs ha ha ha before there mothers whisked them inside and forbade them from ever talking to us again! ROCK ON

Bollox to Practice!!

Well, we're officially sick of practicing! We just want to gig - but we have to finish off the 3 new(ish) songs were working on with working titles of - 'Burn your Idol' 'The Dark' and 'Bounty Hunter'. Glad we got the BotB gig in April and we hope to have another 2 before then. In the last few practices we've hardly even had any booze!!! Lots to smoke (wink wink) but fuck it all we'll get there!