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Mr WIlliams

This is never easy. I never know what to say when a celebrity dies. This is someone I don't know, will never know, and...really... why should I care to say anything at all? But, every single time...it hits me in a weird place...somewhere in the gut...when I realize that this is someone that was brilliant, sad, battling, laughing, tired, and human. Very human. RIP Mr Williams. I wish you peace.

Cleva Little Selfies

Hello Lovelies, I've mentioned how much I don't care for long biographies. They make my eyes go crossed. But, a blog...well a blog is self inflicted. If you've made your way here, you are asking to be bored to death, to hear my random...and often pointless, under researched, and just plain do do bird, Blah Blah--shenanigafied thoughts. Yes... I also capitalize words that don't need to be capitalized, I make horrid grammatical mistakes, and usually I don't have the anytime minutes to fix my spelling...even when that little line shows under the werd. ( werd..is a joke...for word...clever? or no?) This is also the way I write songs. I make up words, don't much care for the rules, and do my durndest to bring a singer/songwriter slash poetic vibe to whatever genre I see fit to write in. I rock a vintage type of voice, so let's all agree to call what I do Jazz. Stop your guffawing!!! The Jazz Police will surely come after me one of these days, as I only bop shawadawada when I feel like it. I like the simpledom of pop, the easy breezy of bossa nova, the outlaw of country, the uumph of gospel, and the discipline of classical. Oh yeah, I should mention that I went to the University of Miami, classicaly trained, Musical Theatre Degree, voice teacher, piano teacher (for beginners..don't have the anytime minutes for maestros) and I've toured all over the country as an actress. I'm not self absorbed enough to try to make too much of what I do. It's cool, it's fun, it's hard, it's frustrating, it's envigorating...but blah, blah, blah...I don't go on and on and on about it. Now, for narcississm's sake, I DO take an enormous amount of selfies. I try to disguise them, make them look like someone else took them, but for me and you (all two of you who have read this) I'll always be honest with ya. If I take a selfie. I fess up. All of the dough necessary to make sure these Cleva Little Songs travel the globe will be put into production and marketing...you won't see a professional photo until I have enough moolah ( is moolah with an h?) to cover it. So, till then, it's selfies. Deal with it :) The selfie here is a Film Noir Vibe...Enjoy... Smooches, Millie Dee bookingmilliedee@gmail.com http://www.reverbnation.com/milliedee http://www.linkedin/in.milliedee phone number? Nunya till I know ya! Tags: photo millie dee