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Are you gonna watch?

The FIFTH year of the EXPOSURE Concert: Because love shouldn't hurt happens 2 weeks from RIGHT NOW! Yorkville Sound, Regal Tip, Verizon, Guitar Factory cosponsoring, live streaming for 3 days hosted by me.. tune in and live chat, say hi!

Revisited Pebbles

Although I know I need to work at getting the sound I want, I like the live version of Pebbles way better than the studio. Posted it up, hope you don't mind listening.

My 1st song finally released!

Today marked a milestone for me. The first song I ever wrote came to fruition. I wrote "Pebbles" 2 years ago for by bestie since 1st grade, Sue.

We did everything together. When I turned 17, I was removed from society, friends, family and all the things I dreamed of doing by a control-freak, and abusive husband.

I wanted to get into media and radio, but was stifled. Sue did go on to college and landed some great jobs in radio, in several states.

Decades later, Sue and I reconnected with Myspace. It was amazing to learn that she too was married to a real dick.

I dropped everything to fly out to Arizona and help her pack up. She was the first person that I helped thru a domestic.

She has since, moved back home, 10 minutes from me, and has reconnected with her highschool sweetheart and they are sooo happy, as am I.

This song, Pebbles, was written for her.

The kind, patient, (VERY patient), knowledgeable and very talented Gaia Miranda took hundreds of hours and lost sleep at night working with me to extract it from my head. The challenge here was I had no clue how to write the music down that was playing in my head. Her tireless time spent with me will never be forgotten. Gaia is a great mentor and friend that I really respect. Thank you SO much Gaia.

Please check out Gaia Miranda here on Reverbnation and hey she's playing Pat Travers' Jazzberry on this track that thing is soo sweet it TALKS to you.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the song. I have dozens written.. I now have a musical beginning point. Bad ass.

Thanks for all of your friendships and love!

FLU has taken me DOWN!

I think of many pros that I know who have performed with the flu, broken bones, gashed open wounds or with crapped pants... and I don't know how you do it. Ive been down since Monday with a nasty flu. Everything off the calendar. Dreams mix with reality, AM phases in and out with PM and Im delirious. Im an amateur.

SuzyP music update

Hey guys! I am OFF this week pretty much.. the little guy is home on Easter Vacation too. I didn't expect recording vocals would be such a process! Tomorrow I will be back in the studios with crossed fingers hoping to finish my debut song PEBBLES with Gaia Miranda and help from her band Kick Pity. Please check out Gaia Miranda's profile here on Reverbnation.

Meanwhile, my band United Untied Project has Wally B as our rhythm guitarist, (please visit Wally B's profile here on RN) and are closing in on a bassist, working with possible drummers. As Wally B and I were chatting today, I guess I hadn't realized that a lot of the stuff I write is metal.. I love metal! \m/

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Beatles, some old Stones, screamin Led Zeppelin, pretty Wings, or Talking Heads, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, but give me some GREEN MANALISHI and I get amazing POWER!!

Keep your ear to the ground friends, you will be getting some stuff to tickle your mind.. Working to get this stuff into reality what is now mere ink on papyrus, dropped into a red and black box. Rock on!

Stoked for NAMM!

WOW!! One week from tomorrow I'll be flying from the East to the West Coast to warmer weather and my first NAMM show. Meeting Orianthi, attending TEC Awards Pete Townshend's getting the Les Paul award, Im covering it!! WOOPWOOP! Got a new Tascam camcorder to document it with too! \m/

Night Life Music Awards

Its the controversial, competitive, ego size up and very entertaining .. annual.. Buffalo Night Life Music Awards. I have my nails done, and clothes picked out. IM READY!

Listen in tomorrow - Hot Jam with Suzanne returns!

Hot Jam with Suzanne tomorrow 11am-1pm EST. Call me and chat! We have lots of guests, fun and surprises, along with some of the best original music created!!! www.blogtalkradio.com/suzanneperry

Update on whats up with me

Hello friends, Ive been in the studio working with Gaia Miranda on my first release, "Pebbles." Its not all mushy like the title indicates. Also, I finally broke into the airwaves of TV yesterday as I shared my story of being a battered wife.. and now light a torch of hope to light the way for others. I posted in my videos, please check it out and share!!

Josies on AM Buffalo with me

Hi everyone, LOTS has happened since my last blog... but retro looking I wanted to share a TV Moment with you... then Ill bring you up to date. :) Enjoy! http://www.wkbw.com/programming/am-buffalo/video/Josies-Clothing---July-16th-162634426.html