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Music review by Phillip O Baoigheall from MRU.

Berthmark is a man for whom the essence of music is his lifeblood. This shows through on his acoustic performance which was a solid performance from the second he struck that very first chord. It is unmistakeable to miss the passion behind the music here. “World Domination” was first on his set list. Some very solid playing and the lift on it just adding to the very lush sound that comes across. A somewhat upbeat tempo that works with the approach and the lyrics that are laid down with the vocals stand up to the task in hand. All brought into check to with how the song closes. Closing song “Adam” the opening itself is very slow and arranged in a way to come across as gentle. Plays as a tune in its own mould too and it has a lot of appeal. The song itself is a ballad about the hardships of life and the highs and lows of fatherhood. The good work on show is in the lyrics here and they are well laid out by the songwriter. There is a patient approach with the way the playing runs.