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What does music mean to me

What does music mean to me

Music is an energy that sets a mood or feeling in the room. It’s communication between the audience and the artist. You can not have one without the other. But most important is the emotion behind and inside the music. This is what makes you vulnerable as an artist. You are baring your soul to the world and the deeper you go the better you connect with your listening audience. Even though I write instrumental music I am still telling a story in the written parts as well as improvisation. The later depends on how my day has been or what mood I am in. But I try to reach down and grab a feeling when I solo that goes with the tune. Sometimes it’s not a pleasant memory that I pull up to convey the journey I’m taking but it's necessary evil to be honest. The audience can tell when your just throwing notes out to impress them. I know this because I have tried it and each time it falls flat.

Friday 5/13/11

It’s Friday and there is one more week of the show left Yikes!!!!! Learning to book yourself is a real wake up call. Up to this point I have depended on other people to call me for gigs. This is the first time I have done this for myself. Not being a lead instrument makes it feel a little scary. The question is how do I get over the fear of cold calling establishments? I am the guy in the back now suddenly I’m the one in front not the guitar player, singer or horn player. Its me on an instrument that is historically a support role but there is a few that have come before me, some of the greats that broke away and became leaders. I wonder if they had such doubts or fears? Well I am mustering my courage and making a stop after teaching this afternoon. I will let you know how it goes. Denny Hess