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Mercy me

I do declare, I believe I feel like making a record.


I think I need more accordion in my life.

Yark B'dark

Introspection is like peanut butter: good until you're stuck.

Sprung that spring though the spring has sprung

Jane + Storms = Frizzy Happiness.


Having been called Jennifer, Wendy, Nicole (twice), and Sonya all within the last month, I am considering changing my name. Hello, my name is Incessant Blob. Just call me Blob.


Need to get back into the mandolin. Also somewhat enthralled with fiddle music at this time, specifically Celtic and bluegrass.


Need to record some of the songs I have videos but not recordings for. Watch the videos anyway, yeah?


I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande, and I learned to ride before I learned to stand... I know all the songs that the cowboys know 'cause I learned them all on the radio... Yippeeayeohkayyay, Yippeeayeohkayyay


The other side of sorrow is joy. This joy is perfect.

Aye and the wind blows through...

Keep thinking of interesting lyrics and then forgetting them before I write them down. I should tell myself to carry a notebook, but I'm sure I will forget I want to momentarily.