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Raktajino rocket

Feeling excitable. I'll be working on a new website and churning out more videos soon. I am also considering producing an EP of a few fan favorites to tide you friendly fans over until I am up and running on the new album. Take it easy there, folks.

Hirsute suits her?

Thinking of shaving my head. I've never been bald, was born with a full head of hair and have had it ever since.

Irascible Sigh

Trying to figure everything out. I'll get it eventually.

The Muse

Portions of a song's lyrics keep floating into my head and have been for the past couple of months. I'm going to finally write this song.


My new goal is to save up the cash to buy a spectacular guitar with f-holes and a resonator. I think I'll try taking up the slide for some real blues a-pickin' and a-singin'.


Uh-oh, Netflix added most of the Star Trek series' to Play It Now. This does not bode well for nighttime music practice. Also noticed Firefly, BSG, and all Stargates are there. Already in the middle of X-Files. Convince me to get back to music geeky instead of sci-fi geeky!

I think, therefore I am

Almost done recording. Still haven't settled on a name for this collection of songs.

Good old JomBom

I've been having trouble feeling motivated. Busted strings on my dreadnought so pulled out my old beat up classical guitar. A new song came out right away.


Everything looks better in the rain.


Preparing to start a new project.