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Reflections Of the past year.. ...ive been spittin ryhmes for a long long time ... but this past year i decide im going to push myself harder.. im going to get my sound out-!! im going to belive and that belief helped me set goals and accomplish!!! i look forward to a new year new projects new sounds and new goals !!but here were a few this past year.... My hip-hop has made it to both Hip-Hop /rap stations in my state, I feel so blessed to have so many great people behind me ! i been to numerous venus performing and battles , have accumulated over 6000 views and plays on my reverberation ,made my first real music video, all the wile writing and making a grip of my very own beats.... .. I have freestyle battled 5 times on the local radio station U92 . I have been a guest judge a few times and have had the pleasure of a great battle live, at cinco de mi o car-show and concert. Thanks to dogemout and pisttol p ..Through the wins and the losses these battles allowed me to, meet a ton of great artists with incredible talent and big dreams. I have participated in 2 assault&battle/grind-time battles with a third on the way jan 20! these battles have also blessed me to meet even more great artists And see even more talent flowing through my state and out ! Its cool seeing people come together through music! I have done 2 shows with the E.R.K. ,very dope and definitely very knowledgeable experiences . 3 with only also taught me allot ! 5 solo dolo on my own ! pluss 5 more in jan alone! I also was fortunate enough to be apart of the cyphers at fallout shelter 1 year anniversary show it was incredible I got to work with some of the most talented artists in the hive! Ive pushed my music hard this year and 2012 will be no different ! im am so thankful and feeling so blessed! NONE OF THIS COULD BE ACCOMPLISHED WITHOUT MY FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOLLOWERS N FANS THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR BELIEVING IN ME I WONT LET YOU DOWN!! THANK YOU


Nothing can be without positivity ! So get some! Find something to believe in ! Let the light shine! Find your drive n coast til the wheels fall off... Surround yourself with love n peace! Find your truth!! The yin n the yang are everything! HIPHOP is this manifested! decide your path and make it sow..plant the seed watch them grow.... The hardest part is change but if you put your heart in ..you can accomplish!