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Alone is the missing name for God of which we find in our mothers Alone is a child in the middle crowd separated from others Alone is causing mischief with the intent of getting school detention Alone is achieving success and only getting self recognition Alone is living your life drained and competing against yourself Alone is no control of your thoughts, your mind affecting your health Alone is having nothing to share but the amusement of your own laughter Alone is the thought of emptiness… a few moments after Alone is your heart against a wall flames of pain still burning Alone is to depart from physical life, the thought of not returning Alone is a boy adopting mathematics from the school of cool drug dealers Alone is being deceived by cold hearted members Alone is walking alongside your shadow while others with there significant someone Alone is surrounded by a world of couples and you seem to have no one Alone is all you’ll ever have in the midst of the end Alone is reserving a spot for me because no one else knows what alone really is…


ATTENTION PLEASE: As you all may very well be aware of my endeavors in music, one of the most common remarks i hear from people i meet is "DUDE WHEN ARE YOU GONNA BE FAMOUS?" my answer 'WHEN YOU MAKE ME FAMOUS" PEOPLE are the ones who make the individual famous. not the individual. my work in this matter is never done always pursuing perfection and better music. but i must say to ALL YOU FACEBOOKERS i cant be famous unless people make me!!! SO SHUCKS MAKE ME FAMOUS!!!!! (Kaleema's got a headstart) thank you :-) .