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I remember when watermelons had seeds, Pluto was a planet...

Chickens ran free in the yard. Weeds actually sprouted up in the garden (subject to a certain angry gardening glove choking it to death as it is ripped from the ground) It wasn't federal law that sellable apples had to be sprayed at least once in the growing season Canned food had an expiration date. Food rotted Kids didn't die from eating dirt (I ate one of dad's Paul Mall's and it was probably better for me than the Cheerios) You could drink milk from a cow You could use soap to clean your hands and not die from the 2% of bacteria now killed by the lab-tested micro-formulated anti-bacterial skin sanitizer (which still leaves .1% bacteria missed to cover the chance lawsuits because some kid drank it... ps... bar soap in the mouth won't kill a kid, but will stop them from swearing) We'd go play in the dam or dish sled (wipeout) down a ski slope for thrills and meth was some nasty gas produced by cow poo not something you shot up Kids read books Dad and grampa were cool cause they taught us how to cast You could wish someone a Merry Christmas and not get labeled a narrow-minded religious bigot. A business could display a menorah or a nativity set and not get sued. The weather was reported by map and pointer, not "SkyCam" "ViperScan" "Digital Doppler Radar" "Storm Center 2" (what happened to 1?) and i'm still shovlin' today's 6 inches of 'party cloudy' the same way I did 20 years ago. Countdown to birthdays, holidays, graduation... not HDTV Water came from the ground. You could drink water that came from the ground. Life happened without a cell phone. Cell phones didn't have to be sporting their own 'cell phone' charms to show their owner's love. The family dog got pet food, not the virtual pet (a virtual what!?) Prescription drug commercials were not allowed on television Problems were not solved with a pill Placebo sugar 'booboo' pills were not given to kids to take away those knee scrape tears, they got a hug Smart hard working kids were allowed to be 'smart', not diagnosed with OCD Lips were allowed to be thin and normal, not botox ballooned Botox was known as a deadly preservative There was a customer service human at the other end of the customer service number. And if that didn't work... you could get English by pressing '1', not '2'