Indian Summer / Blog

Life is good!

Everyone is doing well. We are playing at the Crown and Hammer on April 2nd, and hope to have more local shows coming soon.

The next chapter

Now that music school is over, I have moved on to my Masters in Elementary Education. I am absolutely loving it, although it doesn't leave much time for anything else. We are in the process of recording new material, and hope to have it completed by the end of the winter. I actually hear Josh mixing right now in the other room. It's going to be stuff we're really proud of, I'm excited to hear it myself! Hope everyone is doing well, have a great Holiday season!

Cheers, Charise

Almost there!

Last full week of school is finally here! Graduation coming soon, it's been a long, hard, three years but it's so worth it. I love music and can't possibly ever imagine wanting to stop learning more about it. I feel as though even though I'm graduating, I've only just begun. Looking forward to the summer and some rest and relaxation, and some much needed practice time with my bass. Grad school in the fall, but for now I'm in relaxation mode!!!! Thanks to everyone who has helped me along in my journey and a special thanks to those of you who put up with me these last few years. You know who you are!


Working Hard

School is back in session, but the end is in sight! After 3 long years I will be graduating this May with a music degree. So exciting! Josh just got his music certification so now he is able to teach music as well and will begin next year with some amazing and innovative ideas. John has been relaxing in the Bahamas getting tan while the rest of us shovel this white muck around. Indian Summer has some really fun shows coming up that I am very excited about, and we have some new tunes to play out as well so I can't wait to try them out. Looking forward to playing and looking forward to seeing and meeting some fans at some gigs!


Summer Days Are Gone (well almost anyway)

I know I always say this every year, but this summer went by way too fast. I feel like it just began and yet here I am another semester back in school already. Here comes the spaz again. This was a very strange summer. I am still trying to cope with the loss of a very dear friend, and the last free weekend I had is clouded up by a hurricane. John our very soggy drummer at this moment had major floding in his town. Hope things get back to normal soon for you guys. On a bright and cheery note we have several gigs coming up and I am getting very excited about all of them. Looking forward to learning and writing new songs and seeing lots of friends! Hope to see many of you soon. Everyone enjoy the last days of heat as they are fading too fast. Charise

"Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got til it's gone."

Joni Mitchell really summed up how I've been feeling lately with this sentence. Last Monday, a good friend of mine was in a serious motorcycle accident. He is the guitar player in a rock band that I sing in, and I am really missing him. Although seriously injured the good news is that there is no brain damage and he expected to pull through. Unfortunately though it sometimes takes serious accidents like this to make you wake up and realize just how important certain people are to you. I have been so busy with school and music and devoting so much time to myself that I've seriously neglected other people. I want to promise myself that from now on I am going to be a better friend, mother, girlfriend, sister, daughter, all of the above. After all, that's what keeps me going, and like Joni said, "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got til it's gone." I don't want anymore regrets for things I didn't do or say, so, I love you all and look forward to seeing and talking to you all very soon! Charise

Going Places

As I approach the end of the semester and my crazy out-of-control mental freakiness takes over, I am reminded to breathe. Deep breaths seem to help in so many situations, before a final exam, or before a gig, it calms my nerves and helps me to relax. I can't complain, life is going very well even though there's a lot of heavy breathing lately. Shows keep rolling in and summer vacation is soon approaching. Time to start working on more original music. I actually had to write a composition this weekend for school and discovered the ease of the computer music program. Finally, a way to easily take the tunes in my head and put them on paper! I am hooked! Can't wait to start applying the things I am getting tested on to practical use. Hope to see you all at some upcoming shows! Have a wonderful summer! Cheers, Charise

Getting Started

So as it happens, I was looking for a jazz instrumentalist and Josh was looking for a jazz vocalist. We both wanted to expand our horizons and break out of our norm. That's how we met. We worked very hard on our music for about a month maybe two, before we realized how much fun we were having together and how much we had in common(beyond the music). Little by little we worked on the music less and less until finally we took a break from it altogether. We'd play a gig here and there, write a song here and there but nothing crazy. We bought a house, Josh helped me find direction(into music school), and John and Nicki Parrott came into the picture. Once Josh saw Nicki at a concert in the city he came home and said you've got to learn to play the bass. At the same time Josh's longtime best friend John came into play because if you're gonna have a jazz duo with a bass and guitar wouldn't it be better with a drummer too. So, I've been playing the bass for about six months now, and am loving it!!! (Thank you Nicki) Indian Summer had their first gig at NVCC back in November as a jazz trio and we did great! We are ready for the next step, getting better everyday, and loving every minute of it!! Indian Summer has brought into my life not only the ability to create beautiful music, but great friends (Kim, John), and my soul mate (I love you Josh)! I will do my best to keep you posted but that's it for now. Cheers, Charise