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Sono felice di condividere alcune recensioni sul singolo Pictures, tratte dal sito NumberOneMusic.

PICTURES può essere acquistata da questo link su Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/…/al…/pictures-single/id1061464758…

O ascoltata gratuitamente da: http://www.numberonemusic.com/brunosus…/song/493386-Pictures

1) "I love it!" (5/5 *****) I enjoy the way that this music started and finished. It is very smooth and as being a R&B singer it's just something that I would create anything with. Continue with your wonderful process you make awesome music :-) Reviewed by Tayvon Johnson (Ice) United States, Delaware, Seaford

2) "Nice Pictures" (4/5 ****) The mix of melodies definitely caught my ear ...great to listen to , full of surprises .It all come together for a wonderful jazzy groove to listen to driving home from work...would love to hear more ... Reviewed by 7fourG United States, North Carolina, Asheville

3) "Bruno review..." (4,5/5 *****) Hello, Very nice for this beautiful Sunday.Nice instrumentation. Sometimes the less the better. Makes its less challenging to hear all that's going on. Very nice and pleasing melody. Rides right with you. Big Hit? I wouldn't assume, but very good tune and done professionally and very clean as well. The Sunday love crowd would definitely appreciate it without a doubt. I think I would have like to hear a little more strings and maybe a little horns, but not really needed, just wish list. Keep jamming and Thank you. Reviewed by Soul Unique United States, South Carolina, Columbia

4) "Pictures" (4/5 ****) I love the feel good vibe of this music. A good song to take along on a drive. Wind in your hair kind of feeling. I love the quality of the mix, smooth transition and light and fluffy feel. Nothing like good music. Thanks. Reviewed by Patricia L. United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

5) "Pictures Review" (5/5 *****) Hey what's up Bruno. This is lovely instrumentation for the beat my brother. I adore the piano so you were working those keys in my ears. I like the energetic bass strumming along with the nice uplifting melody and then you were throwing in some funky string riffs that just makes people want to get up and dance! I would love to sing on some of your beats if you have more of these as I have been told by many, mostly women, to use my voice more and so I shall and this would be perfect. Dope song as you are a very skilled and gifted musician. Reviewed by Jay$ilver United States, Washington, Seattle

6) "Really Smooth!!!!" (5/5 *****) I really enjoyed listening to this composition. Mr Bruno I must say you really did a great job with this record. I can picture myself riding to the beach listening to this record. I can tell that you take your time with composing your records. Your music sounds like it could be spinning on 94.7 Jazz station out here in California. I also like the fact that your music is not overproduced like many of the records that are topping the billboard charts today, but the thing I like about your music is that there is enough room in the music for the listener to use their imagination. Reviewed by Ma$ter Green United States, California, Riverside

7) "Good instrumental" (4/5 ****) This is not really my style of music but I must say that you did a very good job with it. It's well put together and the timing is excellent and it's not too short. You definitely took your time on it good job! Reviewed by NaeNae Karess United States, Arizona, Vail

8) "Pictures Bruno Susio" (5/5 *****) Hey Bruno, listened to your song Pictures a few times, It is a smooth catchy tune while remaining very danceable for those who are into dancing. Clean Piano riffs and I particularly like the organ infusion, although I would like to hear more of the organ back and forth with the piano. ( just my personal tastes however) The song should be well received by multiple audiences that may be introduced to it. Best of luck to you and keep swinging. Reviewed by Saint Gabriel's Celestial

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