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Celebrating Oscar Peterson: GOD is dead

IN MEMORIAM Oscar Emmanuel Peterson August 25 1925 - December 23 2007

When Summer Comes Music by Oscar Peterson Lyrics by Elvis Costello(lyrics written upon passing of bassist, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen in 2005)

The land was white While the winter moon as absent from the night And the blackness only pierced by far off stars But as every day still succeeds the darkest moments we have known When season turn Springtime colours will return And as the first pale flowers of the lengthening hours Seem to brighten the twilight and that melancholy cloak Then a fresh perfume just seems to burst from each bloom Until the green shoots through each day As it arrives in every shade of hope When Summer Comes There will be a dream of peace And a breath that I've held so long that I can barely release Then perhaps I may even find a room somewhere Just a place I can still speak to you

Oscar had a stroke three days before being honored with the 1993 Glenn Gould Prize in his native Canada - in his words, "while I was performing at the Blue Note club in New York (two nights before my closing). In truthfulness, all it did was to somewhat weaken the total operation of my left hand. Eleven months after my stroke I recorded an album with Itzhak Perlman in New York ("Side By Side"). Two months after the album I returned to my concert schedule with concerts in Europe, and somehow managed to garner some wonderful reviews from music critics that I respect."

His website: http://oscarpeterson.com and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKKpoCy0a5Y

a wonderful video of performance "You Look Good To Me" featuring Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen

you guys have never looked better to me.

From Christmastime 2001

A different Christmas song In December 2001 an eerie mood engulfed NYC and overwhelmed the holidays that year. The "city that never sleeps" was wide awake for a moment. Unfortunately, that moment passed. A lot of people left but most of us have no choice but to stay...

Good Night New York

Many flights up over the rainbow Up twenty hours and no relief in sight Another Christmas, another never silent night The neon lights up outside my window This holiday's on ice All is not calm, but all is bright Here in my town tonight

Our tired voices say Why not call it a day?

Good night New York Let's get lost in the dark We need a rest turn out the lights It's time to say good night

I'll iron my clothes, iron my will It seems unlikely, oh, but still I know - I'll never quit until I've seen my name in these lights Down the east side, up the west I don't know which I like the best I only know I need some rest Good night, New York, good night

I'm still strong but I'm losing steam Caught in this sleepless dream

Good night New York Let's get lost in the dark Let's all turn in, turn out the lights It's time to say good night