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When Pimpin’ Begins, Friendship Ends

Most Individuals get lost in the concept of Pimp'n n believe it is only related to the Track, Stroll n Street Walkers. Its All Good When Money is made but times ain't always good; a pimp don't always Smile. She thinks she can come up short here and there because yal 'Close' and because of History and how much she has brought you in the past. Hoe there is to be No Confusion about yesterday. Today is All We Have and Today you are short... Pimp'n you gotta know like Pimpin Ken say: "When Pimpin’ Begins, Friendship Ends" because the moment you are in business with that bitch you don't have the luxury to let her see a kink in yo chain ....

Sorry For the Wait ....

"VAGINAL THOUGHTS of THEORY" is still Under Construction ... trying to bring the best Product to the surface... but it shall be COMING SOON n VERY SOON !!! #Politics

Pimp Nation

The INTRODUCTION of #PimpNation is a LIFESTYLE a focus that nothing comes before SELF; that you must use every situation and everyone in it to your benefit in some way or another. That no one is above being 'pimp'd' in life, your main point is to not have that someone be you at all cost. "LADIES is pimps too"-- Jay-Z

" Music in 2011"

This shit is BORING im not enjoying what these dudes are putting out. Everyone so mad, and angry and "BALLING" to mask their empty lives im horrified as to what they call 'RAP' these days a bunch of misguided induviduals only searching for a HIT versus a catalog .... My dream is not to be a RAPPER yet my dream is not to be FAMOUS nor is it to be RICH my simple dream in life is to BE REMEMBERED i want my kids and your kids kids kids to know i was here on this EARTH. Wether it be in Music or Business i want my name to be etched in the stones of life as an inspiration to CONTINUE through ALL odds ..... this is not music i have been hearing in 2011 this is "Static" i cant decifer it AT ALL ...but i guess if u making money u can make bullshit-ATM-