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Back In Action

With a new name, years spent honing our skills, and a better understanding of who we are and what we want our music to represent, we are ready to rise up and claim our place under the limelight! Our music has evolved exponentially, while still reminiscent of our past endeavors. Our new material, much of which has seemingly written itself, is the culmination of our efforts since we first started playing together in high school, nearly ten years ago. Our current mission is to begin recording basic demos, and find local gigs. With minimal equipment, we have already achieved so much, and as our fan base grows, we will strive to constantly improve our craft, and bring powerful, thought-provoking music to the world. We appreciate any support; from the occasional views and likes, to anyone able to direct us in finding venues, and offering honest criticism to help us grow as musicians. It’s all for the love of music!!!