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record deal

"The Burning Dogma crew is proud to announce the band has signed with former american based Sliptrick Records label. More news are to come sooner. Stay fucking tuned, let's the Dogma burns!"

new singer

The metamorphosis that is taking the Dogma to permanently change skin adds a new warp to its plot: we are pleased and proud to announce that Andrea "Monte" Montefiori (ex Shroud Of a Mask) has joined the band on vocals! The depth of his literary visions expressed by the fury of his voice will provide to the Dogma a new apocalyptic dimension! Keep on looking through the eyes of the Death!!!

new bass player

With great pleasure we're proud to introduce in The Burning Dogma family Simone Esperti (formerly Murder Therapy' bass player)!!!!!! We're confident that his efforts will increase our skills and he will give a totally new devastating flavour into the songwriting for the undergoing new full lenght. We'd like to thank Davide Laugelli for all the passion, professionality, great attitude and friendship which he has shown all over those years passed together!!!

Stay tuned for other astonishing news!!!

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