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Synchronicity #2 of 2

a few months passed and although my “string of woes” had not yet reached a crescendo… certain areas of my life had improved… most importantly my relationship with my son had improved dramatically and has remained that way and even gotten better since. The rest of my life also seemed to reach an area of calm... although it turned out to just be the eye of the hurricane… but that’s another story… the turning point in this tale happened one day when I was driving my son home from school. He plopped into the car with his usual nonchalance… tossed his backpack to the floor… and after the customary “Hey” he put on his headphones and proceeded to blast his ears with his latest “dubstep” creation. For those of you who don’t know “dubstep” is a relatively new genre of electronica/dance music… popular at raves and parties… my son is a passionate creator of music… a talented producer, DJ, and bass player… anyways… after a few minutes he took out one side of his earphones and turned to me and said… “You should put your old album out on itunes” He was referring to an album I made with my band “Among the Living” back in the 90’s. We never had it mastered but we made it available to friends… (That’s all changed now… You can listen to our old album @ http://www.reverbnation.com/bohochapeau). I was surprised by his comment… I remembered that he’d liked my music as a kid but his newfound love of “music that makes your face melt” was a far cry from the “acoustic folk rock” that I had been doing. But he was sincere… just like I am about his music… dubstep may not be “my taste” but I can appreciate it for what it is… because it’s genuine and passionate and intricate… and it moves people. My reply was straightforward… “Oh I don’t know… I still like the music… but I really have no desire to put it out if I don’t go out and play… and I don’t want to go out and just play old songs… I suppose if I had something new I’d consider it.” “So why don’t you write some new songs?” he says. I thought for a moment… “I guess I don’t have the drive anymore… I just don’t have the passion” He looked at me with bewilderment… like the RCA dog staring at that vibraphone… and said in a soft nonjudgmental matter of fact voice… “That sucks.” Then he put his phones back on and disappeared into his music… That moment really hit me… he was right… it does suck… the next day I went to my studio and started to reflect on my life… my music… I worry about my son… all teens nowadays… the influences of the internet… the synthetic drugs… the language… the pressures of the modern world… but I see his passion for music and somehow I feel like he’ll be alright… the same way it was for me… I got to thinking about when I was his age… what I was doing… and it all came back… My God! I was hitchhiking halfway cross the country! Talk about dangers of the modern world… geez Louise… How did I survive? It was music… my passion for artists like Joni Mitchell and James Taylor… and friends like the one who sent the pictures from the concerts we saw in our youth… that’s what got me through… I started writing that day about those times… Here’s a link to a rehearsal video of that song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7SiJA4mxeM&feature=related It also spurred me into digging up a few other things that I’d written in recent years… and before I knew it I had an albums worth of material.

So here I am in the infancy of my golden years… with the re-born passion of a 15 year old… embarking on a new adventure in the modern world. I carry no pretence as to becoming rich and famous anymore… I just have an urge… a need really… to share these little bits and pieces of my soul… to make new friends and reconnect with old ones…

My name is Kevin Quinn. I write songs and perform them to the best of my ability. I’m happy to play for anyone and everyone that wants to listen. Hope to hear from you!

Thanks, Kevin Quinn http://www.bohochapeau.com/

Ron DeBose
Ron DeBose  (over 6 years ago)

Great story! I can relate. Just when I thought it was all settled for me a few years ago, I got the precious gift of a live-in grand daughter. Funny how life happens while you are busy planning something else! You never know where it'll come from next, but I have learned to expect anything from anywhere, and to try to be open to whatever.

Synchronicity #1 of 2

I love how life is full of synchronicities. Little signposts that the angels put up to steer us down the back roads of life to extraordinary new places. I was fortunate to be a part of a workshop a while back with the delightful Kelly Morgan http://www.creativelife.com/ based on Julia Cameron’s terrific best selling book “The Artist’s Way” http://www.theartistsway.com/ and it got me focusing on this concept of synchronicity again. So as my first blog ever… I’d like to share this story of how synchronicity re-awakened a part of me I’d lost…

A little over a year ago I had this hankering to listen to Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” album. I didn’t know why at the time but looking back I realize I’d been going through a rough patch with my teenage son… and I think I just wanted to touch base with that music again… kind of like looking up an old friend… and maybe find some comfort in that collection of gems that so influenced me when I was a teenager…

“Blue…songs are like tattoos… you know I’ve been to sea before… crown and anchor me or let me sail away”

Anyways… We’d recently moved into a new house… and for the life of me I couldn’t find my cd’s anywhere… after a few days I just gave up. But something was definitely stirring inside of me… because one day (for no good reason I knew of)… I found myself making a list of all the concerts I’d ever seen. Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, John Prine, Steve Goodman, Sinatra, Cat Stevens, Ray Charles, Dylan, Neal Young, Van Morrison… I finally stopped after thirty or so realizing that I’d barely touched the surface… I’m sure I’ve been to well over a hundred in my time. Not long after that I got a call from the wife… the battery in her car had died and she was late for work… (Another mini-disaster in what seemed to be an endless stream of s#*t! that had been coming our way for most of the year). But I took it in stride and hurried home to trade cars with her and handle the problem.

I was in the garage waiting for AAA to show up with jumper cables when I spotted the edge of a black nylon notebook sticking out precariously from under a jumbled pile of still unpacked boxes. I never would have noticed them had I not been hanging out in the garage… but there they were… my cd’s. Once the car was started I was told to drive it around a bit to get the battery charged. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Ha! I ended up driving around for hours. It was a beautiful clear day in Southern California… it had recently rained and been windy so you could see and appreciate the beauty of the Los Angeles basin. A few big majestic Michelangelo clouds hung in the mostly empty deep blue sky. Even the freeways cooperated as I circled the city with ease. I listened to Joni… then Brewer and Shipley http://www.brewerandshipley.com… and a bit of Steely Dan… it was glorious… really quite moving… every song seemed to awaken something inside of me.

The next day I’m at my studio and I check my email and find a message from an old friend who I hadn’t talked to in 6 months or so… anyways I open it up and there’s no text… no note… just a photo of Joni Mitchell that he’d taken when we saw her at the “Troubadour” right after “Blue” was released. It literally gave me goosebumps! And there were other pics too from concerts we’d seen… Cat Stevens… James Taylor… John Prine… Earl Scruggs… What a treat! And my friend had no clue as to what I’d been going through!

But the story doesn’t end there… not sure it ever does really… check out my next blog to see what happened next...