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damaged ( written in 2011)

I was hurt and damaged felt like I was losing ground. My thoughts are not clear reaching for a rebound. I don't really care if we match or really click. The person I really love is making me sick. The person I love is totally going under. Want to get back to were we were Wonder. I no longer have the power to save us both. I got to save what's left of me..oth.

So I jump ship with a lot of regrets. Low and behold the ship just resets.

I never knew there was a backup system. Auto repair and built in online wisdom.

Now I got this life preserver it's keeping me a float. But I am wet and sticky I reather be on the boat.

it's only a matter of time before the sharks come and get me. Life persever is ment to be temperery save me.

Rebound Relationships ( written in 2011)

A "rebound relationship" is one in which a person becomes overly quick to commit to a new partner after having experienced an upsetting breakup or divorce. People who have breakups and then immediatley involved themselves with someone else seem to feel the need to prove to themselves they are worthy of love and affection. They may miss the comfort and affection of a regular relationship. But whatever the reason is, it is a selfish reason, one that is based on serving the self esteem and satisfying feeling of personal worth. "Someone loves me and needs me." It can also be to affirm "I wasn't at fault in the breakup, this relationship will prove that." Most of these rebound relationships are not permanent, and they can be even more destructive than the earlier breakup.



duane slater
duane slater  (over 3 years ago)

Lmao so true Flohf8l

script ( written in 2011)

Flipping the script I am going all out

If you don't like it optumus prime roll out

Your looking retarded like your really dumfounded

Your trying to get fly but your flight been grounded

When donn shuts down switch braker emergency back up

Let me Mac up so what's up

Running smooth no hecup

No slip up so get up.

Now I am on line let's see how the compulsion stack up

I know they better back up you to short fat and fugly

My style so pretty and you so ugly

Got damn swagger over load

put me on the auction 2 seconds sold.

If you dress up a turd lace it in diamonds

It still a turn lasted in diamonds

I used to rebound but now I just re-up

Don't sleep I be up coffee in my teacup.

You better give ready because things just changed.

Snipe you on the other side of town ...................range.

Bigger ( written in 2011)

Be the Bigger Person Fighting fire with fire is good if you are trying to control a raging wilderness inferno. It’s not so good if you are trying to eliminate needless petty conflicts from your life. When you find yourself the victim of some small offense, your first instinct may be to respond in kind. While this may feel good for a moment, it usually just escalates the situation and makes everything worse. If you truly want to live drama free, then you need to be willing to be the bigger person and let things go. You don’t need to get in the last word, you don’t need to “one up” the other person, and you certainly don’t need to make them pay for wronging you. Just let it go, and watch the drama flow away.

hate and doubt ( written in 2011)

Shut out hate shut out doubt

This way in this way out.

Unbreakable will is what I have

Your foolish attempts make me laugh.

All it takes is a glimmer of hope

Target locked...........sniperscope.

Say hello to my alter ego

win a losing battle........ Super hero.

I have a lot of styles so much to many

The number 8 is in my name

Represents infinity.

When I feel so week and I feel I am not able.

I Remember one fact I flow fatal.......


confessions ( written in 2011)

I have a confession to make I have been on autopilot not wanting to change.

I hated myself for that,lol we all do it,put our hopes and dreams to the side to deal with certain things.

The good news donn A.K.A FLOHF8L is now online and weighing the choices,I have a lot :)

I don't ever promise anything but this time is different there is something new. I feel ready.

I promise to always go hard. I promise to be me. I promise to use all my talent to achieve I want and need :)

This I pledge till my sprit leave my body.

Live life kill fear


8 ( written in 2011)

I am an angel sent here for your protection.

Your mind and body is weak you risk infection.

You think you understand what you are doing.

But in the end your the one your screwing.

You think your in control you think you no it all.

Your paper house is flawed it will soon fall.

You can't build a foundation on unstable lies.

You say one thing but the truth is in your eyes.

I am playing my part because you all ready slipped.

The sinking of a ship starts with one drip.

I release you now on your important quest.

You will understand more is really f-ing less,lol

This train is on the way to money and fame.

To bad you got off.......service lane.