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here's the read-from Maximun Rock n Roll Awareness, issue 2, Jan 9th-"From the tundra laiden streets of Minneapolis comes a rock n roll band you can count on-the GooDBarS. I've had the opportunity to see a lot of great rock n roll acts in my day...all the way from Slayer to Maiden to Hall n Oats to Cash to Prince and all of them had that certain, "je n'est ce quoi". I r...ecently had that experience when I caught the GooDBarS live at the Club Underground last month. I went there on a fluke because I heard that a certain somebody was going to be playing a small, shit hole unnanounced venue which, turned out to be a lie...instead, as i sat swilling my manhatten and thinking, this just about sucks, this band took to the stage. they almost reminded me of any of a meriad of bands that one would see in a place like this, like, "who cares rock"....i was wrong. They played with a sort of desparation that has long since vanished from a scene in Mpls. They played with a passion and a lust for music that i had personally been longing for since the Ramones, since Bowie or Zepplin....since Petty. I don't know quite what they were talking about except it had to do with, "sex, drugs and rock n roll", mixed with some top shelf tongue in cheek rock n roll antics that you could see from arena rock bands. i was sold from chord one to this big Iron Maidenish ending of their last song, "Hell Rider"...i immediatley grabbed my gear to interview them and get it all on record but their drummer, Bart-o-Matic, suggested i take a,"flying fuck off of an El Camino flatbead going thirty down an alley behind First ave whilst taking my hand and wiping my ass"-a rock n roll historical moment only exceeded by guitarist Clinton Maximus' attempt to steal my cocain(medicinal purposes)...do yourselves a favor and get out to see them, even IF you only like Whitney Houston or The Killers or American Idol. well worth it!!! Mark Clayton, editor at large and in charge, MRnRA.

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