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2012 Come and Gone

So 2012 has come and gone. We had a great year. We met alot of great people and played with over 43 great Guitar Players and Singers in our travels. Of all the 43 different guitarist we played with, only 1 did not understand our concept. (he's a crazy old coot that lives in south florida) We are on the edge of releasing a new batch of songs and videos. And also busy booking up 2013 so we can ram our music straight to your face in person. Some artists only put music on the interwebs and never tour. We believe that the live show is just as important as having music availible online. So with Irv all tuned up, a new baseball for Randee, a lot of fire in our eyes, we'll stare down 2013 and give it all we got................TLD (we couldn't find a lightning bolt)


The End of the world is coming and it's coming to Cuyahoga Falls at Christy's Melody Inn. Steven R. Trent and Shane Vain help The Living Deads bring in the End Of The World. Dress like a Mayan , Dress like a Frog Hell run naked through the bar. We Don't Care!!!!!!! Just show up because its going to be crazy....

Breaking News!!!!!!!

With a voice that has a lot to say and a guitar strapped to his back, Nasty Nate Harris is no stranger to the road; in fact he was born on it. He grew up with music coursing through his veins thanks to parents who recorded on more than a few Frank Zappa albums. From country to punk bands, Nasty Nate took what he wanted from many genres and left the remains for the vultures. He has spent his more recent years with bands such as Minor Authority and Mad Dog and the Smokin’ J’s, playing to crowds in the high mountain deserts of Colorado all the way to the sweat-soaked stages of Los Angeles and everything in between. Now Nasty Nate has joined up with The Living Deads and they have a bone to pick with the rest of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And a few kidnappings to boot……………………….

We Kidnapped Your Favorite Guitar Player !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE HAVE A KIDNAPPING Yes folks We've done snapped because of the heat. We Kidnapped your favorite , beloved and cherished guitarist / singer. We are keeping Him in our secret hiding lair while we are on our North eastern U.S. / Canadian Tour with the incredible JONNY BARBER. Don't you worry your foul little minds! We are feeding Him between His daily beatings(this boy sure can take a punch LOL) . Stay tuned to www.thelivingdeads.com for a time , date and a place where we will make Him perform for you twisted freaks...........................................

Love The Living Deads...........................................................

"Head East" Tour

We are starting to book the "Head East" Tour June - Aug 2011. Denver - New York. If you are a booking agent , Promoter , Bar owner or anybody that would like a night with the Living Deads........ Don't hesitate. Send an email for your booking. Don't worry the band has had all its shots and are clear to travel just don't piss them off....................


You ask yourself "who does these amazing photos?" His name is Randall Paetzold and here is his website www.rseriesphotography.com