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Xenobia Ten is back, collaborating on everything from HipHop to BeBop! A native Torontonian composer, singer & producer, she started out as a "chop n screw scratch" DJ LL (Lady Love) in clubs & on the underground after hours, House Party & Dancehall scene. A writer for film, tv and artists, she boasts an illustrious and diverse background. Her genre without borders, she began singing (live) Heavy Metal/Rock. Blues her self-affirmed niche, soon became her main focus. A brief stint on the underground Jazz scene followed (Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius & TuPac predominant influences). R&B would establish her among noted peers in major local & international venues. At the end of her live tenure, she was one of a Southern Gospel quartet, Cloud 9 with whom she performed the world renown Montreal Jazz festival for CBC. Credits ~ Live, audio and video, charity telethons & jingles. Live/studio work: Angelina Jolie, Kenny G, Kenneth Babyface Edmonds, Alexander O'Neal (Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis), Long John Baldry, Buddy Miles, Sly & The Family Stone, Cameo, Nancy Wilson, Latimore, Chevy Chase & Farrah Fawcett, etc. Canadian Juno Award winning artists include Errol Starr, Glass Tiger, Frozen Ghost, Love & Sass, Johnnie Lovesin, etc. some of who she has composer's credits with. Jingles incl. General Motors, Dairy Queen, McDonald's & Vancouver Grizzlies theme.

Contact: xenobiaten@gmail.com


Legends. BUDDY MILES Dear friend and inspirational LEGEND has left the building. Mr. Buddy Miles, drummer/singer of Jimi Hendrix's "Band of Gypsies", only one of countless noteworthy gigs left on February 2008. I had the honor of collaborating on 2 duets with him. We also celebrated Jimi Hendrix Sr.'s birthday in 1994 at NYC's legendary S.O.B's Club. See you next flight, bruv,, all love (Sept.5,1947-Feb.26,2008) xoxoxo

LONG JOHN BALDRY Mr. Long John Baldry! Where do I even begin? He is credited with having launched the careers of countless UK legends i.e., Elton John, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck,,, et al. I've no other description to describe him but the consummate "Gentleman200". The Silent Treatment tour & video with Mr. Baldry was truly sublime! He taught me how to wear a hat! 4ever luvin u #LJB (Jan.1941-July 2005) xoxoxo

FARRAH FAWCETT Last, not least a farewell to the Belle, Farrah Fawcett. I was hired to do a wrap party in the beautiful mountain suburb of North Vancouver for Chevy Chase & Miss Farrah of Corpus Christi, Texas. I didn't know they were both accomplished musicians. Chevy free-styled some jazz on the piano forever & Farrah took the mic & held her own! A beautiful small but mighty free spirit, no doubt she is missed by many. The pleasure was all mine, lady ... (Feb.2,1947-June 25,2009)

Muses Inc.

MUSE: A guiding spirit, a source of inspiration of an artist. "When I think of you things happen, you dump creative energy into me. It's like my music comes to life!"

My Father The first thing I remember hearing is my dad whistling Bach's 'Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring' (I began whistling for his friends at age 7).

Miles Davis I didn't know music was MUSIC until I heard Miles Davis to whom I'm addicted. The opitome of icon, he's CULT. If music were religion, Miles would be God. 2 kinds of people: (believers) who get Miles n those (nonbelievers) who don't.

Jaco Pastorius I heard Jaco Pastorius & simply cried. I had no idea WHAT I was feeling when I heard him play but undoubtedly it was at that point I became a musician. I thought I might do music and play a Fender jazz bass guitar. Only trouble is I'm an unwitting player ...

Amy Winehouse Queen of Soulful Jazzy Blue Hop in a beehive & ink. My BFF in music spirit, there are no other girls that come to mind ,,, musically RIP

Greatness. Most will never realise it. Fewer will take a chance, a minutia will obtain it. I've had so much opportunity. I quit this several times. After a 13 yr. hiatus I'm inspired to do music for the 1st time without compromise bc my muses are gone & I gotta carry on...

Washington Savage (but not least) Canadian musician (pianist, composer, producer, vocalist, musical director) Love o my Life. Inventor of Blue Groove genre. He was Brilliant. THE BEST at what he did & how he did it. Washington inspired the title of a song which lead to the direction of my 1ST SOLO Musical adventure. I'm gonna do it MY WAY cuz he said I should #KissMyAfro 2013.

Washington Savage Heaven's Best! RIP