2013 - 15 years rocking!!

Never once did I think when we first started this band that I was going be composing a blog saying that we are 15 years old. Has it really been 15 fucking years? (counts on fingers) Wow, how time flies! It's been an interesting 15 years, that's for sure. From traveling all over the country, drinking, rocking and fighting our way in and out of some of the nations shittiest and fanciest bars, to blazing through a fleet of vans, members, songs and albums. And after all the songs, all the blood, miles, booze and sacrifice, the only thing we got to show for any of it--is a bunch of CD's, old T-shirts, pictures and about a thousand rejection letters from places saying we are 'Too Loud.' Yep. 15 years and we are still fucking broke. We've been kicked in the teeth by about every venue, promoter and big band that we've shared the stage with. We've bled countless pints (literally) severely damaged our livers to who knows what extent, destroyed our ears, and sometimes woke up in some far away state either in the gutter, the dumpster, a junkyard (for reals) or sometimes, the back of a police car.

Now it's 2013, 15 years down the road. We're older now, a little more wiser and a whole lot better at playing than we ever used to be. But the most important thing is, we are all still friends and we still enjoy playing music together. Some would say we haven't and never will be 'successful.' But how do you define success? By how much money you make? How many millions of albums you sell? While those do boast the typical stereotype of success, I'd say we've succeeded immensely after all these years. Hell I bet some of these 'successful' artists who travel around in their posh tour buses would break up after one, maybe two years of the shit we've gone through. And after 15 years, here we are: unappreciated, scarred, beaten down and broke. And yet we continue to saddle up, take aim down the barrel and point it forward to the next show. I can't say how long we'll ride the bull, but for now there's no signs up stopping. So stay tuned!! You just might us catch rockin out in a shitty dive bar near you!

New Album Out Now!!!

I've said it before I'll say it again; There really hasn't been many great things to come out of Salt Lake City. Mormons, High School Musical and The Used... Yup, their track record isn't so great really. But, and this is a big but, they are redeeming themselves somewhat, firstly by giving us the mighty Top Dead Celebrity and now Thunderfist. In fact the guys are practically brothers, having known each other for well over a decade and even loaning Jeremy to TDC for live shows and working on last years epic album Midwestern Rube. Most of the band hail from Utah’s west desert. Growing up on a healthy concoction of motorcycles, fixing cars and being harassed by rednecks, rock and roll was always gonna course through their viens. They were actually later embraced by the rednecks (and some would argue became rednecks) as they were the only connection for LSD in town (seriously!). Hicks on drugs became the center point for a lot of Thunderfist parties throughout the years. The band started simply because of their love of all things Rock and / or Roll and to keep themselves interesting to the ladies. Worthy reasons if ever I've heard any! So now, 14 years down the line and they're still nailing it. Thie song Cut and Run pretty much sums it all up. I don’t think (and I quote) bass player ‘Metal’ Mick Mayo has seen the same vagina twice in his life... So thats Thunderfist in a nutshell. They love it loud, dirty and more often than not, illegal.

Thunderfist have worked with Jack Endino on the past two albums (Loud, Fast, Rock and Roll, and Too Fat for Love) but scheduling conflicts got in the way of a third rock and roll collaboration. So on this outing the reins were handed over to the bands guitarist Michael ‘J’ Sasich. Considered a rock mentor, Jack fortunately taught Sasich many tricks of the trade and although he'll be missed Sasich really brought home the bacon on this one. Big time. Recorded in the winter of 2011 in Salt Lake which as you all know is the home of backwards religious fruitcakes and bad reality shows. None of Thunderfist are married to a sister wife or wears white pajamas under their clothes. In fact I'm obligated to point out that all of their undergarments are torn and dirty from too many nights of Rock and Roll in pretty much every shitty dive bar in North America (and one in Mexico, thank you Sammy Hagar, haha) Anyway, they're all proud worshippers of vintage Marshall amps and Les Pauls... and Krom... and beer. Which lets face it, is nothing short of a winning combination. But striving for perfection and in order to get the sound entirely spot on they actually had to record the album twice! But they're proud of it and so they should be! It's a hell of a collection of songs, touching on how they don’t like Eskimo pussies being cold - Eskimo Pussy is Mighty Cold. Relationship songs - None of Your Business, and probably the most epic of their catalog; the mighty Wizard’s Lament. On the which there is a Horn of Gondor and a Monty Python reference all in the space of 5 minutes! Now tell me thats not Genius! But the excellence doesn't stop there. Oh hell no! With subtle nods to classic rock, punk, the early days of metal and southern rock the whole album is a tour de force of heavy rock excess, balls to the wall whaling guitars and altogether catchier than a bout of the clap from a Mexican brothel. Deep down dirty and sleazy... you'll love it!

13 years, still broke!!

That's right!

This year, Thunderfist celebrates 13 years of rockin'. Did we get famous? Did we become rich? FUCK no. We've been kicked in the teeth by a variety of clubs, bands and promoters all across the nation for years and years. Most would have given up by now, but not us. What has beat us down has only made us stronger! Now in our teen years..do you think we're slowing down? Ha! Our newest and greatest record is in the works and we're planning tour dates for the spring and summer!! So kick back, crack a brew...and keep an eye out if we come through your town! Cause we're gonna trash the fuckin' place if not burn the whole fucking bar down!