News from HQ

What's up, azazelites? Pierce here reporting again, it's been a while, but we definitely haven't been slouching!

Just a brief recap on some of highlights and shows we've played since we last checked in with you all: our scheduled show in Modesto in August got cancelled; but as they say: "where one door closes, another opens". And sure enough, we jumped in at Lindey's Landing in Reedley with Gristle, Black Devil Driver (LA) HateFX, Say Swear, Infinite Aggresion and Spirit Descending. We opened the show, and in spite of the weird circumstances, we managed to have a great time with everyone that was there to rock. Nasty hot weather, mosquitoes, and brush fires across the river made it interesting. Unfortunately, the show got shut down due to complaints from some of the other campers, and SD and IA didn't get to perform... Damn haters of metal!!!

A week later saw us at the Babylon with Blind Disciple, Spirit Descending, Evisceration, and Gristle. For me personally, that show was something very special to me. Other than the fact that we the bands put the show on ourselves, there was a sense of camaraderie and appreciation between the bands and the crowd that came to support us. The inherent competition and cliques between bands and their fans took a backseat, everybody brought their A game and in the end, we all an amazing time. I can't say I've ever experienced such a thing quite like that at a local metal show in Fresno. I sincerely hope that type of trend continues here in town.

For the second year in a row, we played FUSE Fest, this time at the African American Museum in Downtown Fresno. In anticipation for the event, Rich and I made an appearance on the Dirty Dowdy podcast along with adult film star Eva Karera on the phone. Rich and I also went out on the first night to support some of the bands performing, such as Rademacher, Quiet Americans, Fay Wrays, Motel Drive, the Neptunes, Lezayr, among others. On the day of the show, I went outside to my car to load up only to find that my car had been broken into and the car stereo stolen. I had to overcome that rage and channel it into our performance. We lucked out with the band scheduled right before us not showing up, as that gave us more time to set up, play, and tear down without feeling rushed. On top of that, we also got to enjoy the perfect fall weather right after sundown when we went on!

A month later, Tricky, Rich and myself went out to the Ace of Spades in Sacramento to catch Cavalera Conspiracy on the night before our last show for 2011 at Cupcake's birthday bash at the Starline. I honestly cannot think of a better way for three big fans of old-school Sepultura to get inspired and pumped before a show than by seeing their heroes rip it up on stage with masterful skill. Easily one of the best concerts any of us had ever been to! Fast forward to the next day back in Fresno, we have our show with Cupcake and the Creepers, Spirit Descending, and Infinite Aggression. Another great show for everyone, and we debuted one of our newest songs, tentatively titled "Wesson". The crowd enjoyed every minute of it, and once the show was over, we took the after party back to my pad and kept the mingling going until about 4 in the morning. Insanely good times, indeed!!!

Now with our final show for 2011 out of the way, we've been hard at work writing and jamming on some new material. Unfortunately, I can't divulge any more information at this point, because that would ruin the surprise! Stay tuned and keep it metal, azazelites!

On behalf of AZAZEL, \m/ Pierce \m/

Adventures in Azazeland

Azazelites! Pierce here reporting for and on behalf of the band from AZAZEL HQ... We've been quite busy and up to no good (as always), doing a few shows as well as an appearance on local radio since the last time we checked in with y'all. In June, we had both our first out-of-towner of the year in Modesto at the Melody Ballroom. Well, actually, it's a Mediterranean restaurant called King Kabob where they clear out some chairs and tables to accomodate live bands, but regardless it was a fun show. It was our first with Tommy in our ranks, and we had a blast doing our thing for the 209 peeps. We even got to hang and rock out with some of Tommy's buddies from Stigmurder! Seedy hotel rooms and great Mexican food also made it an affair to remember! Our radio appearance on New Rock 104.1's Home Grown aired the following day, and it was great to finally hear ourselves and our music on the radio. We cannot thank you all enough for tuning in with us! We also made an appearance at the grand opening of Rockabilly Ink with our buddies from Nativeburn. Mosh pits raged, bodies falling on the asphalt... If that's not metal, I don't know what is! At the end of the night, we and Nativeburn combined forces to do some jamming a la Big 4... I mean, hell, it's not like we had any time constraints to adhere to, so why not? Then of course, that leads us to our much anticipated show with Warbringer. We debuted a brand new thrasher, "Death From The Sky", and did things the only way we know how: the AZAZEL way! We had a blast desecrating souls, and rubbing elbows with the dudes from Warbringer. They are some of the coolest dudes I'd ever met, and a really awesome band live! It would be absurd to think that we're gonna rest on our laurels, we've got a lot to look forward to in the near future: Modesto again at the end of this month (Spinnaker's), the Babylon with Blind Disciple, a possible show in Bakersfield at the Killer Clam, a Halloween gig in Visalia, as well as a long-awaited show with our little buddies from Desecrator! Oh, and that's not all: we're still working on merch, thinking of new shirt designs to keep things interesting! Keep it metal, and keep it AZAZEL! -Pierce

AZAZEL on the horizon

Azazelites! I cannot complain at all about the way things are going back here at AZAZEL HQ. News? You've got it!

After a long search, we finally found ourselves a monster of a bassist in Tommy Nuñez, formerly of Lying In Wait and Tenth Key. This dude straight up shreds! There is no doubt that with his abilities and stage presence, the stakes will be raised for all of us, and that is a good thing! We are excited to have him join us on stage for the first time and bring the wrath with us in Modesto at the Melody Ballroom on June 18th.

Speaking of shows, I think I speak for the whole band when I say that we are still coming down from the high of how awesome our Bel-Tower show went last Saturday night. We were simply on fire! Although the rest of the show was a little iffy due to other issues (PA problems, show ran behind schedule with Potential Threat being shut down during their second song and Chamber 7 not getting to play at all, family drama erupting into a fight outside the venue), the performance we gave and the response we received constitute for a redeeming welcome back from a short time away from the stage. The Bel-Tower might not be the type of venue you'd want to take your mother to (unless she is a die-hard punk fan that also happens to subscribe to the vegan/anarchist/utopian ideologies of the radical political left - or as I've observed in many, they merely appear and claim to be "anti-establishment" but without truly understand anything about politics - or doesn't mind looking at the kind of graffiti you'd find in the boy's bathroom of a junior high school run amok), but we had a hell of a time there and hope to be back soon!

We are a little bummed about the Crest Theatre Benefit show being postponed due to a lack of sponsors, but are still looking forward to participating in said event once it's back up and running. Right as that was happening, we got ourselves locked in to play the Melody Ballroom in Modesto on the day before what was to be our performance at the Crest Theatre, so I guess things have their way of working out, right? Other shows we've got in the works are opening for the mighty Warbringer on July 22nd at the Starline, another Halloween show in Visalia, possibly FUSE Fest, and even possibly some out of town shows in SF, LA, and Vegas.

That is definitely not all, and we are definitely not resting on our laurels. You guys already know that we have our demo/EP available, and we have a few new songs in the works that we hope to debut at an upcoming show. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but the newer material we're working on shows some maturity and incorporates a little variety while still being unmistakeably AZAZEL... If you were at our Bel-Tower show last Saturday, you probably got to hear us properly debut "The Seer", a newer song that has power metal nods.

Azazelites, things are definitely looking up, and we can't wait to dish out the brutality at a venue near you... Stay tuned!!!

The shape of things to come

Well, azazelites, we're pretty damned excited about everything that's coming up. For starters, our EP is soon to be released, and depending on how things work out, we just might have to organize an EP release show soon, hopefully in April sometime.

Yes, it is unfortunate that we had to cancel our appearance at the Metal at the Park festival in Visalia in April, but we will be playing the Crest Theatre Benefit in June, and we are stoked beyond belief to be participating in that event along with many artists and bands encompassing different genres including our friends and comrades in HateFX and Hands That Kill.

It's nothing set in the stone at the moment, but with Pierce's other band Trumpet Solo gearing up to hit the studio next month to write and record an album, they plan to play one final show before Reid moves across the country for an indefinite amount of time, and Azazel has been invited to be on the bill as well. You should expect for that to take place at Tokyo Gardens around the middle of May, but stay tuned for more information!

Wait, there's more in store for all you thrash-hungry azazelites: we have our very own website!!! Check out www.wix.com/azazel559/azazel where you can immerse yourself in all things Azazel! We are also trying to get onto the Warped Tour Battle of the Bands slot at the Shoreline Amphitheater on July 2nd of this year. We need your help to pull it off, and we strongly encourage you to visit http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/Azazel Pressing "like" won't work. You have to register on the site and actually VOTE. Log on and vote for us once a day, everyday!

Stay tuned for more action and thrash metal madness!


Azazel on Reverbnation!

Ok, so we're pretty new to this thing still so thank you for bearing with us. These are exciting times coming up for us as our demo is almost ready and available to the public, as well as a couple shows coming up in the near future. Stay tuned!