NEW LONGREEF MUSIC, REEFERS expanded and get ready for the Battle Plan

In between touring schedules and shows, over the past few months Longreef have been in the studio recording the follow up to “Dirty Motel”. Taking chances and culling a list of 30 songs into a power punch of 5 tracks, the new release will feature some surprises but will still have that unmistakeable LONGREEF sound. The first single “Battle Plan” will be released in the coming weeks in partnership with the Friend Movement, the national anti bullying organization that enables young people to spread the word about the issue through art and music. Check out their website here: http://friendmovement.com/ Are you a REEFER yet? The new site at Fancorps is live and if you’re passionate about LONGREEF and their music, you can help to spread the word and earn rewards for exclusive content and meet and greets, as well have access to behind the scenes footage and REEFER-only online chats. Click the link below to go to the REEFERS site: https://longreef.fancorps.com/signup/?

Twenty Fourteen

After a short break back home in Australia, LONGREEF will be returning to the USA soon to commence the start of this year’s touring schedule. After all the success of last year, everyone’s pumped about what’s in store for twenty fourteen. YES you will hear new songs, YES we will be playing some major festivals, and YES Josh will be barefoot onstage throughout Spring and Summer.

Stay tuned for the official release of “Battle Plan” the next single, the official video will be available to the public very soon. Promoting awareness of the issue of bullying – which affects or has affected everyone at some stage – is a cause that we’re proud to get behind and support. The video for “Battle Plan” features kids from all walks of life and will be shown in schools across the nation.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon in your town as the LONGREEF story continues in 2014

She Likes The Ladies

The single will be hitting radio airwaves across the country in March. Be sure to call your local rock radio station and email Octane (octane@siriusxm.com) to request it! Set to be THE song for Spring and Summer Twenty Thirteen, click below to watch the release trailer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o42-Z4wJ2dI&list=PL1980E3C4D6974C83&index=1

Smells Like Its September

Hope everyone’s had a blast and is recovering well from Labor Day weekend! Welcome to a quick late Summer update from us about what’s been going on. First item of news: LONGREEF is headed to……………(drum roll)

Las Vegas

We’re excited to play our first ever show at the House of Blues, Las Vegas this month, where we’ll be opening for Serj Tankian (System of a Down). While we won’t be checking into any dirty motels, we’re going to make sure we party just enough to do Sin City proud. If you’ve been there yourself and have any stories, email us at longreef@longreefmusic.com and tell us all about them. We promise we’ll keep everything you tell us anonymous ;)

Everywhere else

We are well into our fourth month of this year’s summer tour and so far it’s taken us up and down the East Coast through South and North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee. We’ve enjoyed playing at so many new places, and we want to come back to each town as soon as we can. To those of you who have emailed us and asked when we’ll be back in your neck of the woods, you can help get us back sooner by calling or emailing your local rock radio station and requesting our current single “Dirty Motel”.

LONGREEF on the radio

THANKYOU for all the reports we’ve been getting letting us know you’ve been hearing “Dirty Motel” on the radio. Apparently that’s how a lot of you are finding out about us, and the requests to the rock radio stations have been helping IMMENSELY. If you haven’t called or emailed your local station to request LONGREEF yet, do it today! The more airplay the track gets in your town, the sooner we’ll be able to come see you. The name of the game right now is to get “Dirty Motel” playing in every car, bar and workplace in the country! LOL We do appreciate all your support and don’t take it for granted. If you do hear us on the radio, feel free to let us know via Facebook, Twitter or email! That address again is longreef@longreefmusic.com.

Hope to see you soon.

Stay awesome!

Josh, Nick, Aaron and Jim

Riding a Big Wave

For those of you who didn’t know, we like our high speed sports. Surfing, dirtbike riding, wake boarding…..we just like to go fast. Releasing our music and touring the USA is proving to be just as much of a blast. This month our latest single “Dirty Motel” hit the airwaves and is speeding up radio charts at a rapid pace. A HUGE thankyou to all of you for phoning and emailing your local rock stations to request.

We’re already halfway through our Summer tour, and we’ve enjoyed checking out more of the East Coast and Midwest. This is a big country LOL. We’ll be heading West in September for our first ever stint in Vegas, and also looking forward to some great shows in the next couple of months including opening for the BADASS Foxy Shazam.

We also want to give a shout out and thanks to everyone who’s been messaging us and letting us know you enjoy our music and walk away from our shows feeling better than when you walked in. Whether you’ve been partying to “She Likes The Ladies”, getting skanky to “Dirty Motel”, think about THAT ex in “Want Me Back”, or falling in love to “Sweet Emotion”, we don’t take it for granted when you write us and let us know you like our songs. That’s what it’s all about for us. Because of your support the LONGREEF wave is picking up speed and more and more people are starting to hear the rumble. The response is overwhelming and word is spreading at a much faster pace than we could have imagined……but going fast is fun. Thanks for all your support and for riding this wave with us. Josh, Nick, Aaron and Jim


Hello from the Midwest

Gday LONGREEF fans and greetings from the Midwest. We are well into our summer tour for this year and kicked it off with a bang. The response to “Dirty Motel” has been overwhelmingly positive, thanks for the support. We’re having a blast playing the new songs live. Listen out for the title track on your local rock radio station, and if you don’t hear it, call in and request it! If you do hear it, call in and request it again! LOL. On one prime time program our song beat Megadeth’s new single in a listener voted shootout – no mean feat!

We’ve played some great shows in Michigan with Puddle of Mudd and Otherwise at Ground Zero, Traverse City and the legendary Machine Shop in Flint. We’ve also played with State your Cause, a great band from Dayton OH. Check them out if you haven’t heard them. We’ve met some serious music fans and the crowds have been amazing.

Other upcoming highlights include shows at the House of Blues, TV appearances in Chicago and North Carolina, and a spot at the Verizon American Music Festival in September. We’ll be playing on the mainstage along with Cheap Trick, Train and O.A.R. Stay tuned for more updates.

Happy 4th of July to all our friends in the USA. See you at a show soon!

Dirty Motel

The new EP is out on iTunes now and physical CDs (featuring the Live @ The BLVD DVD) will soon be available on Amazon. Listen out for the singles “Dirty Motel “ and “She Likes the Ladies” on your local rock radio stations. We’ve been getting asked a lot about the title “Dirty Motel” and where it came from. Well, let’s just say most of the motels we’ve stayed at in our travels in the USA are very nice. But one night we found ourselves checking into the only motel with vacancy for 100 miles at 2am in the morning which featured broken doors, junkie spoons, a dirt caked shower cubicle and pubic hair in the beds. So when we wrote a song about the adventures and misadventures of seeking fortune and fame, we tipped our hats to a place which is forever imprinted on our memories. Some of you might be surprised at the direction we’ve taken with the new songs. We’ve taken a lot of chances and while we’ve retained the LONGREEF sound, there’s a lot of new elements in “Dirty Motel” that make it a departure from our debut CD. Raw, edgy and high octane are some words that come to mind, but that’s all we’ll say. We’d rather let the music speak for itself......we’re excited and can’t wait for you to hear it. We’ve already kicked off a four month tour in support of “Dirty Motel”, which will have us play over 80 dates up the east coast and northern states, with some killer supports and festival performances with Puddle of Mudd, Train, Theory of a Deadman and Cheap Trick. We’re looking forward to spending some time in some new cities and seeing more of this great country. We might even get some good surfing time in along the east coast. We hope to see you at a show soon, and as always, don’t hesitate to come and say gday before or after our set.

Want Me Back - Free Download

For a limited time “Want Me Back”, the third track from the new EP, is available for a free download from Artistdirect.com. Click the link below to get to the download link:



Well it’s been a big 12 months for LONGREEF. After playing more than 150 shows across 11 states and 30 cities, sharing stages with Taproot, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Angels Fall, Seether and Gary Allan, and a debut single reaching 33 in the Billboard Top 40 R & R radio charts, we can safely say we’re having a blast and are beyond stoked to have made so many friends in our travels here in the USA. Audiences have been as diverse as college students letting off steam, Florida vacationers, military servicemen and women enjoying time off, Southern states cowboys and cowgirls, East coast surfers, and our overall favorites – dedicated and passionate LONGREEF fans and music lovers who come out especially to see and hear us put on a rock show to remember. You know who you are! Don’t ever think twice to come up and say hi to us after the gig if you’re in the audience. Most Aussies are pretty friendly and we like to think we’re no exception.