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GUEST ARTIS PROFILE JON MULVEY (Guitar, Engineering, Producer)

Jon Mulvey hails from Los Angeles, California, where he picked up his first guitar when he was just seven years old. Formal Jazz guitar training started at age 11 and he began touring internationally at 15 with top acts. He earned a music composition degree in the Bay Area and then studied under guitar great Joe Satriani. After vaulting onto the world stage, Jon directed his expertise to the studio, where he has participated in over 1500 recordings. But playing guitar, bass, or keys, as well as engineering, producing, and mastering albums in the studio, are only a few of his talents.

For ten years he was a member of Mingus, with Dorian Mingus (son of legendary Jazz Bassist/Composer Charles Mingus). Mingus recorded Jon’s music on the Mingus label Debut Records. Now, Jon combines his formidable training with innate talent to help shape his projects’ unique sounds, which include world fusion band Vortex Tribe, acoustic world Due Cuori, rock’n Jon Mulvey’s Rockethouse and his other solo projects. Jon has recently joined Davey Pattison (vocalist for Robin Trower and Gamma) as lead guitarist. He is also a sponsored clinician for EMG Pickups and Ibanez Guitars.


WARRIOR QUEEN STORY (Last) Lady K'abel Snake Warrior

Seventh-century Mayan warrior queen Lady K'abel is identified by an epithet: Maya Holy Snake Lord. She lived in the Royal Maya city of El Perú-Waka' in northwestern Petén, Guatemala.

The glyph for K’abel is hands holding waterlilies, and Lady K’abel was the daughter of a Calakmul king. King Yuhknoom Ch’een the Great of the Calakmul Snake dynasty conquered what is now the Petén region of northern Guatemala during his reign (636-686 A.D.). King K’inich Bahlam II (meaning “Sun-Faced Jaguar”), king of El Perú-Waka’ and scion of the Wak or Centipede dynasty, helped Yuhknoom Ch’een during the war. Once the Calakmul empire was established in the area, the Centipede king became the vassal of the Snake king and was given the Snake king’s daughter in marriage.

Lady K’abel was not just the queen consort fobbed off on an allied king. She carried the title of “Kaloomte” or “Supreme Warrior” of the Wak kingdom, meaning she was its military governor. She and her husband ruled together for at least 20 years (672-692 A.D.), but as the Supreme Warrior and Lady Lord of the imperial house of the Snake king, she held greater authority than her husband did. A woman “Kaloomte” is extremely rare in Maya history. K'abel is considered the greatest ruler of the Late Classic period.

SONG: Warrior Snake Lady



Melissa Hubbell has packed a lot of music into her young years. She began piano at the age of five and studied through the US, England and Germany. At the age of 11, she picked up the electric bass and hasn’t looked back. She has written compositions and performed both bass and vocals for her own band and for benefits such as with Joan Baez. She has performed with numerous jazz ensembles around California.

She entered the Oakland School of the Arts as a 7th grader and was immediately placed in the top jazz ensembles in the high school. She performed and studied throughout junior high and high school - achieving the Maestro Award as the Outstanding Jazz Soloist of all California high school students in 2011. Melissa is now attending Sonoma State University where she is double majoring in jazz studies and composition. She recently was chosen to play with Yo-Yo Ma and Wynton Marselis at their performances at the prestigious Green Music Center.

Warrior Queen Story 6 - Queen Zenobia

Zenobia, generally agreed to have been primarily of Semitic (Arab) descent. Zenobia's languages likely included Arabic, Greek, Aramaic and Latin. In 258, Zenobia was noted as being the wife of the king of Palymra, Septimius Odaenathus. Palymra, between Syria and Babylonia, at the edge of the and the Persian empire, was economically dependent upon trade, protecting caravans. Palmyra was known as Tadmore locally. Zenobia accompanied her husband, riding ahead of the army, as he expanded Palmyra's territory, to help protect Rome's interests and to harry the Persians of the Sassanid empire. After her husband was assassinated, Zenobia assumed the title of "Augusta" for herself, and "Augustus" for her young son.

In 269-270, Zenobia and her general Zabdeas conquered Egypt, ruled by the Romans. When the Roman prefect of Egypt objected to Zenobia's takeover, Zenobia had him beheaded. Zenobia sent a declaration to the citizens of Alexandria, calling it "my ancestral city," emphasizing her Egyptian heritage. After this success, Zenobia personally led her army as a "warrior queen." She conquered more territory, including Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, creating an empire independent of Rome. This area of Asia Minor represented valuable trade route territory for the Romans, and the Romans seem to have accepted her control over these routes for a few years. Zenobia cut off grain supplies to the empire, which caused a bread shortage in Rome.

In 272, Zenobia and her son fled to Emesa, for a final fight with Roman Emperor Aurelian. Zenobia retreated to Palmyra, and Aurelius took that city. Zenobia escaped on a camel, sought protection of the Persians, but was captured by Aurelius' forces at the Euphrates. A letter from Aurelius includes this reference to Zenobia: "Those who speak with contempt of the war I am waging against a woman, are ignorant both of the character and power of Zenobia. It is impossible to enumerate her warlike preparations of stones, of arrows, and of every species of missile weapons and military engines."

Song: Stripes of a Different Jaguar

Guest Artist - Daria 'Shani' Johnson: Drums


Daria ‘Shani’ Johnson is a San Francisco based drummer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Her style is solid, smooth, dependable and sensual. Her dynamic spirit has earned her the title as one of the most sought-after drummers in the Bay Area.

DariaShani’s appetite to create flourished at a young age. In Los Angeles, she began playing music while attending elementary school. Excelling in the art form, music became her primary subject. She continued her education at Hamilton High Academy of Music. Awarded a scholarship she went on to Berklee College of Music, where she studied with Victor Mendoza, Larry Finn, Rick Considine, Anne Peckham, Luanne Warner Katz and Joe Hunt. Her exceptional skills with percussion and drums brought her to San Francisco where she co-founded the band London Street. On London Street’s debut release “Life through Lyric and Melody” Shani contributed her undeniable abilities to sing, write, arrange and produce, in addition to her drumming. London Street has toured the West Coast and Europe sharing the stage with John Legend, India Arie, Erykah Badu, Angie Stone and Ozomatli.

As an in-demand drummer, Daria ‘Shani’ Johnson has played with many fabulous musicians. Her roster includes live performances and studio sessions with Eoin Harrington, Theresa Perez, Esperanza Spalding, Sean Leahy, Vortex Tribe, Crystal Monee Hall, Edna Love, Trevor Garrod, Dan Lebowitz , Kofy Brown, Four Year Bender, Vudustu, Stu Hamm and Adam Theis of the Jazz Mafia.

Warrior Queen Story 5 - Wairaka, New Zealand Maori

Wairaka, Maori, New ZealandWairaka

Wairaka is a Māori ancestor for the Mt Albert area of Auckland. She is known as one of the beautiful daughters of Toroa, chief of the Ngati Awa tribe and captain of the Mātatua waka (canoe). Wairaka is known throughout New Zealand because of her bravery. She is known as a strong leader of her people. One story of Wairaka’s bravery is when she saved the Mātatua waka and the Ngati Awa tribe, after their arrival in Aotearoa, New Zealand. With her mighty words she called to her ancestors praying, “Kia Whakatane au i ahau (let me act like a man)”. She grabbed the paddle and advised the women to save themselves from death. Touching the paddle in those days was very ‘tapu’ or sacred. But Wairaka knew it had to be done.

Song: Waka Wahine

Guest Artist on Warrior Queen - Rebecca Roundman: Cello

Rebecca Roudman is one of the San Francisco Bay Areas most versatile classical players. Rebecca has performed all of the world, both as a soloist and a member of prestigious orchestras in locals such as Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Austria and Brazil. Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Rebecca performs as a member of the Santa Rosa Symphony and the Oakland East-Bay Symphony. She has presented critically acclaimed solos with the Ohlone College Orchestra, the Mission College Symphony, the Community Women's Orchestra and many others. A favorite of local composers, Rebecca has premiered many modern classical works for cello and had numerous compositions written for her. Rebecca has also accompanied Itzhak Perlman and performed in orchestras conducted by Michael Tilson-Thomas and John Adams.

On her cutting edge Zeta electric cello or her classical fusion Lewis and Clark carbon-fiber cello, Rebecca is one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most exciting crossover cellists. A frequent performer of jazz, blues, rock and world music, Rebecca has shared the stage with Carlos Santana, Isaac Hayes, Joan Baez, Ry Cooder, Elvis Costello, Deltron 3030, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Evan Rachel Wood, Liz Phair and many more amazing performers. Rebecca also fronts her own exciting blues/gyspy band Dirty Cello - a high energy group that has rocked the main stage at a number of large festivals and has had repeat performances at the Hard Rock Cafe and Yoshi's Lounge. Rebecca also performs frequently with R & B musicican Martin Luther McCoy, hip hop super group Latryx (Lateef and Lyrics Born), blues guitarist Danny Click and Bay Area favorites, the Jazz Mafia.

Fu Hao - Warrior Queen Story #4

Warrior Queen Story 4: Fu Hao Warrior Queen Fu Hao, was a key player in the rise of the fortunes of the Shang Dynasty. She married King Wuding (r. 1250-1192 BCE) and was one of the emperor’s 60 wives. Fu Hao took advantage of the semi-mat...riarchal slave society to rise through the ranks. She is shown to have led numerous military campaigns. The Tu-Fang had fought against the Shang for generations until they were finally defeated by Fu Hao in a single decisive battle. Further campaigns against the neighbouring Yi, Qiang and Ba followed; the latter is particularly remembered as the earliest recorded large-scale ambush in Chinese history. With up to 13,000 soldiers and important generals Zhi and Hou Gao serving under her, she was the most powerful military leader of her time. King Wuding gave Fu Hao a fiefdom on the borders of his empire, from which she could defend his borders and launch assaults against foreign peoples. In addition to crushing both domestic and foreign foes of King Wuding, Fu Hao served as a high priestess, conducting sacrifices to appease Heaven and honor the ancestors. Although the Shang King exercised ultimate control over ritual matters, which were the most important political activity of the day, oracle bone inscriptions show that Wu Ding repeatedly instructed Fu Hao to conduct special rituals and offer sacrifices. This was very unusual for a woman of that time. Song: Elegant Dragon

Guest Artist Profile of Warrior Queen CD

Jessica Pearlman currently holds the position of principal oboe of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Orange County, CA. Ms. Pearlman moved to Southern California after completing her Master of Music degree in 2009 at The Juilliard School. While in New York, she performed and toured with some of the city’s most esteemed ensembles, including the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, the New York City Ballet and the Metropolitan Opera. As a soloist Ms. Pearlman has been featured with the San Jose Chamber Symphony, the Colorado College Summer Music Festival and the Mansfield (OH) Symphony Orchestra where she also served as principal oboe during the 2005 – 2006 season. An avid chamber musician, Ms. Pearlman performs with Orli Shaham on the Pacific Symphony Orchestra’s prestigious Café Ludwig chamber music series and tours regularly with her innovative New York-based chamber group “Shuffle Concert.” Shortly after moving to Southern California Pearlman was introduced to the world of Hollywood studio music. Ms. Pearlman has played on such films as “Salt”, “Toy Story 3” and “Snow White and the Huntsman” and was the principal oboist of Steven Spielberg’s 2011 films “War Horse” and “The Adventures of Tintin” under the musical direction of acclaimed composer and conductor John Williams. Intrigued by both science and music, Ms. Pearlman earned Bachelor’s degrees in oboe performance and neuroscience from Oberlin College as a pre-med student. Her summer research in brain tumor models was presented at the 2006 conference of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Ms. Pearlman is an adjunct faculty member Long Beach City College in addition to maintaining a private teaching studio. Please visit Ms. Pearlman online at www.jessicapearlman.com

Lozen - Warrior Queen Story

Lozen, Chihenne-Chiricahua Apache Warrior

Lozen was a Chihenne-Chiricahua Apache warrior, shaman, and sage, or seer. She was born in the 1840s, in a section of New Mexico/Arizona/Northern Mexico known at that time as Apacheria, within sight of the Sacred Mountain near Ojo Caliente where the People began.

At a ceremony at the time of her adolescence, Lozen was given the power to find the enemy which she did by going alone to a deserted spot, standing with her arms outstretched, her open palms facing skyward. She stood waiting, turning slowly until she felt a tingling in her palms. After this spiritual-physical experience, she knew that she had found the direction of the enemy. She could tell the distance of the enemy by the intensity of the tingling. She was legendary for such powers, Diya and Inda-ce-ho-ndi (or "Enemies-Against-Power"), in battle.

She was not the lone woman warrior in her band. She had a companion, Dahteste. Both women fought alongside Geronimo. In addition to her considerable skill as a warrior, Lozen was also a skilled reconnaissance scout and clever battle strategist. She took part in warriors' ceremonies, sang war songs, and directed the dances of the war parties before going into battle. Lozen and Dahteste, with Geronimo, were eventually taken as prisoners to Mount Vernon Barracks in the U.S. region called Alabama, a Muskogean Indian word. Lozen died there, presumably of tuberculosis, at the approximate age of 50. Her brother, Bidu-ya, is quoted to have said that "Lozen is my right hand... strong as a man, braver than most, and cunning in strategy. Lozen is a shield to her people."

Song: Joshua Tree Windsong