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Studio time

Heading in the studio. Rick Cox, Mike Clark Dave Estrada, Jesse V, Dale Henderson among others will lend their talents. don't hold your breath.


This Reuben Moreno man!

Ger-I is an author too!

Have a read, as to how it all got started and went down. https://www.facebook.com/pages/1978-Crashed-Memories/150270708382957

Reading from G.I



G.I Ger-I is still over in Japan playing some solo stuff, still gotta a broken heart. Look out for the long awaited FSG LP soon and a few shows. Four wheels!

We still not paying to play.

You want to Grind? Well pony up! We are the entertainment. get it? Good! 50-50!

still sk8n.

what about you?

FSG News(?)

alot you cats been asking where Skreech has been and if he is gonna bust one with FSG soon(?) Well uhhh that dude has been busy, clockn take a look but we will be heading in the studio to fin the long awaited FSG as LP with othr playz such as Sal, Robert, Rob, Mona La Chingona and a few others. :http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1186564/

the Wackest

We don't pay to play or to get in a magazine or any other wack azz marketing business model the industry schemes up to soak musicians.We are the Entertainment! You pay us to play, you pay us for our WORK. Blown up the status quo one kook at a time. VENICE to the bone. Not google silicone beach.Suicidal Culture sk8 Surf and Rock!


did you know Ingmar aka Casper drew the Feeble Grind FSG grafx?