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Debut Cosmic Charley album

So we have pretty much wrapped up our first album. Well the recording process is done.. now on to the mastering, production, legal, promotion, blah blah ... Is it all really worth it? Meh... Its pretty fun so who cares. Hopefully others enjoy it, but in the end if we haven't had a blast doing it then its time to move on I guess. Ok I have rambled on enough... Im going to go move some volumes up and down.... Nathan

Opening for Dustin Bentall

First... a big thank you to all the fans that came down to support us! There was quite a turnout (Jason's Grandma came out for heck's sakes)!!. It was a great show, we all had a blast, had some great pizza, and saw Dustin Bentall and his crew jam some decent country/folk songs. His fiddle player owned that show imo. She shreds!

Hopefully we can get down to some recording soon so you all can hear the plethora of new music we have been writing. It is much different than the stuff on our site.

until next time... Nathan

Complete with Drummer

Well Seven Shades has evolved into a full band now. With the addition of Tony as drummer the energy in the band has gone up a level or so to say the least... in a very good way. I'm stoked to get some tracks down for new and old songs with a proper drum sound.

Had a great time playing the "battle of the bands". THE best show we have ever put on for sure. Not a winning show but really couldn't care less, was way to much fun.

Well if you can get a chance to come down and see Tony bustin chops on the kit please do so. until next time... Nathan

Recording music

It seems, recording an album if the band works elsewhere full time, could push an album to take forever to record. not sure how some of those bands pull it off in a few days. Maybe we try to hard? Meh... Not much hurry anyway really. Anywho, hopefully we can have it done by spring and have it available for those that will wish to partake. I find myself putting aside the important tasks I have to tweak and improve some of the songs we are working on. Holy shit I just wrote a paragraph on our blog. Hahaha... Blog... what a stupid word. Nate.

Cosmic Charley
Cosmic Charley  (over 6 years ago)

An update> A new song is just itching to be layed down on some tracks. A good song sometimes just falls on our laps accidentally without persuasion. As soon as we can we will get it recorded and show you. We played it last week with some great results. Working on a couple covers as well... maybe a little chop suey? we will see. nate