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What's up???

Some kind of a problem here!! I Can't upload any new songs here since they changed the RN interface. So, the best is to look around on my profile and visit some of the links there leading to my Fb page (NiToZiK) or Soundcloud. Don't know when the RN team is going to wake up and fix some of the issues that came with the new interface... I'll let you know how things go later. ByE!

Quoi de neuf???

Du neuf justement. Pour l'instant, c'est pas possible de mettre de nouveaux titres en écoute ici depuis qu'il ont cru bien faire de moderniser le look de RN. La solution??? Le mieux c'est de chercher ailleurs en essayant les liens de la page de mon profil (pourvu qu'ils marchent encore) en attendant qu'ils se réveillent ici car ce n'est pas le seul problème ici depuis le lifting. La plupart des publications seront visibles sur ma page FB (NitoZik) avec le lien vous permettant de les écouter. Bonne chasse

New sounds all around (the net)

Hi everyone, It's time I got some of the material I've been working on, out on the net just because it's been quite a while since nothing new has been put here. That's just to say that I'm on other spots on the net Where I did put some things recently...and it's kind of a hunt to find my music on the web. The links are on my profile if you care to look around. Thanks anyway to those who still visit my page and play a song from time to time. Love and Guidance.

Comin' up soon

Hi yall. Quite al lot of fans have been showing up lately. Just want to say that it feels good to have some more people around to share something different in music. Lots of love to you all. I'll be back soon with more to write and to listen to; Cheers!