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Hey everyone, so we have started preppy together our first tour for August 2011. The tour will be a 16 day long tour with 14 shows. We will be hitting 12 cities in 6 states. Were in the process of booking the shows right now and when more info shows up we will let everyone know!! Also we have been working hard on some new material and should very soon be ready to unleash 3 brand new songs! These new songs really bring out alot of the metal we have been working with. New riffs, new melodic and heavy vocals, and of course, new solos and breakdowns! We will keep everyone updated as the time goes, but as for now just go to our shows, spread our name around, and enjoy our music!

EP #2 and NEW INFO

Hey everyone, so Gothic Theatre was incredible! Now we are on our way for something new, we have Red Light Management following us and we have Rogan Records following us as well. We will give everyone more updates on those soon. So right now we have 2 shows planned. A huge show in springs on March 19 for Last Savior of Gods 1 year anniversary show. Its gonna be fucking epic. Its at Sunshine Studios in springs and is only $6 for tix and $7 at the door. One on May 9th at Pixies in pueblo with the Voodoo Glow Skulls.

We are also taking March-June to sit and write and finish brand new material that weve had together for awile now. Were hoping too unleash these 6 or 7 songs by July. I will be uploading song previews through all this so you can see where this new material is going.

Thats all for now, keep in touch and spread our name! Thanks!


Hey everyone, so being were still new to reverbnation we just want to inform everyone about our next shows! Were playing our birthday day show on Feb 11 2011 at the Red Raven in pueblo. Then the Gothic Theater in denver on feb 20th. Now as for our music right now we have our first 7 song album that we will be uploading very soon. Now Feb 11th is going to be our last show in pueblo until the summer. We are going to take 3-4 months to write brand new material, at least 4-7 new songs. SO spread our name around and become a fan!!