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The Calling

So amazed at how many people are coming forward to not only confide in me with their triumphant stories, but are helping fund this tour! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!!! We can't do this without you! New music will be on its way too! http://www.gofundme.com/TheCallingTour


Just about finished doing the final mixes on the new cut, Save Me. I am very passionate and emotionally attached to this. I am looking forward to helping others overcome the abuse that they have endured in their lives. I am sending a message of love, hope, empathy and most importantly..you can overcome the tragedy and be happy!

In the Studio with Warrior's Joe Floyd

Man, when I get together with my old friend Joe Floyd, magic just happens. You rock Mr. Floyd! Great engineering with Silver Cloud Studio's.

The New Web Site

Super T's Website is almost ready to go! It is amazing when you do everything independently and have such great friends to help along the way!!!! We are almost there!

New Press From XROCK!!!!

“In the past 30 years of radio, I have seen many a record, CD or demo come across my desk from bands and artists. It is always refreshing to get one that truly stands out. To put it simply-this girl rocks, hard! Tracy could easily rely on her smoking hot looks to sell records, but there is simply no need. We will be hearing much more from Miss Underwood”

-Glen Anderson Program Director X-Rock Radio

She's Coming For You!

Tracy Underwood is a Power House Rock Vocalist with a stage presence that will blow your mind! Her high energy and exceptional vocal range is nothing less than par excellence. Her resume speaks volumes from being a professional session vocalist in Los Angeles, California and around the country to a very credible, established singer/songwriter/musician and has been involved in many other tours, performances and guest appearances on CDs. The long awaited Rock CD entitled, "Under The Covers of Chaos" is set for release early Spring 2012 and then will be set for Summer Touring in the U.S and International Tours as well. This CD is CRAM-PACKED FULL OF SURPRISES!!!! THE ROCK SIDE...... The First Cut is in your face Rock that only Underwood can do and as each release comes the music gets harder, edgier, raw and will show many that Underwood is truly one of the best Rock Vocalist Hidden Gems of her time. Ms. Underwood known by many as "SUPER T" has been joined together once again with Joe Floyd of the band Warrior. Joe Floyd is also a highly respected Producer/Engineer in the rock sectors in the greater Los Angeles area and abroad. He owns the infamous SliverCloud Recording studios http://silvercloudrecording.webnode.com/ that was once based out of Burbank, Ca. and now resides in Redondo Beach, Ca. Floyd and Underwood worked together in Burbank. Underwood was a session vocalist for Floyd and worked on many projects in the studio with members of Poison, Ratt and many other high profile rockers. Underwood recently was invited and performed with Roger Fisher in Seattle..(Rock and Roll Hall of Famer), guitarist for Heart, Geoff Tate and Jason Ames of Queensryche where they all tore up different compilations/renditions and tributes of Zeppelin. During her former time in L.A. Ms. Underwood also worked with Sir Harry Bowens (Was Not Was, Bonnie Raitt, Lyle Lovett) and is also joined once again with Sir Harry who is featured on some amazing background vocals with Underwood on the second release of the new CD. She is also being joined by Dave DuCey former drummer for Warrior and is now playing and touring with National Dust. There are an incredible amount of people coming onboard to help promote this project for Underwood including, Jay Reynolds of Malice & MetalChurch, Garden of Eden, as well as other Largely respected Guest Appearance musicians to the likes of Reynolds, Floyd, DuCey and Bowens. You can catch Underwood occasionally doing appearances with Dan Crenshaw, Jay Reynolds of Garden of Eden in Portland, Or. at various venues. THE RE-MIX/DUB STUB ELECTRO SIDE.... Ms. Underwood has also reunited with Jack Fronczek from Vienna, Austria. The two have worked on projects together since early 2002 where they combined talents to collaborate on a movie soundtrack. The movie, "Never Enough" was to be released by Kings Road Entertainment which starred Rutger Hauer. Underwood and Fronzcek co-wrote the tune where Fronczek and his counter part Gunter Gebauer of www.deepspace.at worked feaverishly on the Techno and Final Cut mixes. There are 3 versions of Never Enough and the newly updated Final Cut version with Floyd on guitar will be on the new CD. Fronzcek has a few surprises on the Underwood's new CD which are garaunteed to please the young generation of dub stubbers and rockers alike!


Tracy Underwood an accredited and re-known musician and vocalist has put into motion a new rock album. This long awaited metal/rock album will be accompanied by some of the most talented rockers and music producers of modern Rock and Roll. Joe Floyd from the metal band Warrior http://www.myspace.com/warriorusa http://silvercloudrecording.webnode.com/ located in Redondo Beach, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. Floyd will be producing and engineering a large portion of this album as well as accompanying Ms. Underwood musically. Joe has produced many albums over his career of amazing groups and musicans and has graciously agreed to work with Ms. Underwood once again. This will be the second musical venture that the two have worked together on. Tracy will be co-writing and collaborating with Jay Reynolds of the bands Malice and Metal Church and many other accredited artists. www.metalchurchmusic.com www.malicemusic.com Jay is well know through out the rock world as a phenomenal guitar player and will be adding his musical talents to the album as well. This has been a highly anticipated rock album that is going to shake the boards across many genres. Many musicians in the Rock scene have been encouraging and promoting this anticipated album and the suspense is growing. Tracy will also be teaming up with an incredible European duo from Vienna. GUENTER GEBAUER and PETER "JACK" FRONZCEK of DeepSpace Sound Lab www.deepspace.at . Both Jack and Tracy have collaborated in the past on the film soundtrack for the movie Never Enough starring Rutger Hauer. The soundtrack rightfully titled Never Enough will be featured on the new Album with a new hard edge and melodic guitar solo featuring Joe Floyd and his amazing guitar skills. The untitled album has a release date for sometime in August and Tracy already has confirmed tour dates and will be announcing those dates, times and locations in the upcoming weeks. Tracy has recently shared the stage with Rockers such as Rock & Roll Hall of famer Roger Fisher of Heart in Seattle (www.rogerfisher.com ), Jay Reynolds and Dan Crenshaw of Garden of Eden (www.myspace.com/gardenofedenband ) , Portland Oregon. Tracy and Garden of Eden have opened for several bands including ACCEPT during their recent World Tour. She has also been very active in the rock community donating her musical talents for many good causes including a memorial/benefit for Rock legend and bassist of Garden of Eden Mark Van Der Werff, who sadly passed and will be sorely missed! She also recently performed with Glen Bui of Steppenwolf and Magic Carpetride Inc. for a benefit to help raise funds for Vietnam Vets effected by Parkinson's Disease near Seattle in Belfair WA.

Falling on your face to write good tunes!

It feels good to be in Portland Oregon...A lot of musicians here and I am looking forward to the collaboration sessions...and gearing up to play live here again, but in a different light.... :)