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New Year, New Projects

As previously blogged 2012 starts with the dissolution of Still Unknown due to musical and personal differences and whilst this is very sad it leaves the opportunity for new projects. We'd like to thank everyone who supported us throughout the last twelve months in particular all of the artists on RN, too many to mention here, but you know who you are. Our page and music will remain and we will continue to support other artists on RN but as a creative, performing outfit Still Unknown is no more. Thanks to you all and good luck for 2012 and beyond. Still Unknown!

On Hold

It's sad but due to a few band issues we have decided to put things on hold for a while. Who knows what the new year will bring. It's been a great ride so far and we couldn't have done it without our friends on RN. You know who you are! Good luck with all your projects.

Back to Work

After the disappointment of cancelling out last gig due to illness we will now be concentrating on working on new songs again. Hope to see you at a gig in the future.


Played a great set at the Cadence festival on Saturday. Was a really good night with some great bands playing. Headline act Jeramiah Ferrari were pretty awesome. Check them out! We're playing at the Avenue on Sunday 27th November at 5:00pm. Join us if you can (details on page opposite).


Had a great show at Manchester Academy and now looking forward to Cadence on 19th November. Gonna be working on new songs over the next few weeks and maybe play some at Cadence. Thanks for all support and friendship.

Manchester Academy

It's Manchester Academy tonight. Hope to see you there!!!!

Working towards Manchester

We're looking forward to our first gig at Manchester Academy and will be rehearsing in the coming weeks to make sure everything is ok. We're excited about playing with some great bands. Hope you'll join us there.


We are currently rehearsing for our upcoming gig at the Avenue Leigh on 25 September. Matt Froggatt has stepped in to play bass and is currently getting to grips with our songs. Thanks to Matt for answering the call.


Thanks to everyone who supported us at the armed forces charity event. You were amazing and we had a great time. The money raised will be shared between the Royal Marines Association and the Woodlands Garden Trust.

Moving On

Sadly Elliott has gone now and we are really grateful for his contributions during his time with us but now we have to move on. So we are preparing for our gig at the Walkden Cricket Club Event starting with rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday.