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fort worth

inside a holiday inn with my sis. dad got a new kidney at the all saints memorial hospital a few blocks away. we're just glad he's doing fine.

another saturday morning

i uploaded a song that i finished around 3am this morning (Bogey) yet another song about insomnia. i used a little yamaha keyboard that i picked up at first fridays last week. the artist benefactor may even be reading this now... hi cory! the ironic thing about this song is that my dad used to wake me up to watch "the treasure of the sierra madre" when it was on the late late show. until there was a vcr in my house, i could only watch the movie at 2am or 3am... so now i write a tiny song about this movie at 3am.


i don't know who reads these posts, which is probably why i'm so lax in posting them. dear reader, please forgive me. i don't know you. make yourself known. send up a flare... knock three times on the ceiling if you want more. i'm still coming up with new material.

saturday morning

played last night w/second mile at homer's to a decent crowd. hope to add more stuff to 'el camino' this afternoon. coffee will keep me upright for the next couple of hours.