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new song

posted a new song "your heart"

christmas song

just reposted "Christmas song". it's that time of the year again!!

new songs

just posted another song "there's always hope" and hope to have another ready today, whew!!

old song, old friend

just uploaded and old song me and my old songwriting buddy wrote just messin around one day, jack hargrove, my old songwriting partner passed away friday night in georgia.

rainy, songwriting day

today is definitely a songwriting day!!

new "old" song

have had this song written for about 15 years. finally got around to posting it. hope you all like it.

christmas song

just uploaded an old song my wife and me wrote back in 1989. hope you enjoy it!!

conversation with my son

just got off the phone with my son who lives in the atl. he's got the trial version of sony acid and is ready to lay down some drum tracks for me. go phillip!!

saturday morning

beautiful morning here in n carolina


happy thanksgiving to all my friends and fans on reverbnation!!!