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Application... quite a word.... what does it mean to you and in what ways?? Recently... like a couple of days ago... God started dealing with my heart about what it means to Him.... Application... or Apply... Applying.... How are you applying God's Word to YOUR LIFE? Everything we do, everything we learn, we must apply it to our lives in order for it to become fruitful... for it to BEAR FRUIT .... If you don't plant the seed... you don't get the harvest right? Right. Take what you learn and apply it... no matter what it is... what you learn at school, what you learn in God's Word, etc. We don't really start LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING what life is all about... until we APPLY IT to our lives... then it's at that point that we can APPLY OURSELVES to the world around us and become EFFECTIVE as Christians and as adults... right??? right.... Peace Out...


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Featured on WBFI Radio Station in Kentucky!!!

Hey check out my radio interview on WBFI - go to the podcast on breakfastbibleclub.podomatic.com - It's from 4/26/12 - Joyce Hamilton-Whitson.. It's the last 28.?? minutes of the broadcast.... Enjoy it!! Let me know your thoughts!!!

Joyce Hamilton on Reverb Nation... Headed for success!

It's been a long time coming, but it's time to begin 2011 headed for success! Please let me know what you think of my music and whether or not you like it and why (if the spirit moves you to do so...). If you would like to hear me sing other songs besides my own original tunes, just let me know what and who the artist is that sings it and I will try and upload a performance track for you to listen to with me singing your favorite song.

Lady Antebellum is one of my very favorite bands... I also love The Wreckers!!! Sara Evans is also a favorite as well as Martina McBride, Carole King, Carley Simon, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Amy Grant and more!

It's great to be up on Reverb Nation... Check it out!!!