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White City Graves has been nominated for best local band in Western Washington. Cast your vot e at http://best.king5.com/white-city-graves/biz/635627


Some of you may notice that Prophet disappeared. Well, don't worry. It'll be back soon. Initially we had to hurry and finish it to get it submitted to the Hard Rock. But after some time listening to it we weren't satisfied with the vocal on it. So I'm gonna take it back to the studio and redo the vocal tracks. I reworked the way I sing it a bit so it should sound much better...

The Demo

Alrighty WCG fans we finally got our butts into the studio for some recording (Thanks to Tom at Chicken Shack Studios). Anyway, we managed to crank out 2 songs in a day and half and get them posted. If you haven't heard them already, go take a listen. Let The Devil On In and Prophet. We have 2 more with a majority of the tracks laid. We just have to do some final tweaking of backing vocals, get the mix and mastering done and they'll be ready to throw up on here too. Those songs are Skeletons and Blood, Sweat and Gears. I'm pretty excited to hear the final version of Skeletons. I've only heard some rough mixes of it, but last night it sounded great. I was especially stress recording it... Well, the solo guitar part in it that is, because going in I didn't have anything written or set in stone for it. 4 takes and Wah Wah pedal later it sounds great. Hopefully we'll be able to set some time aside next week after the show at the Central on Saturday to finish it up.

Chelsea Speed Party
Chelsea Speed Party  (almost 6 years ago)

I reaaly dig this stuff and the heacy sound. Creepy shit for sure. Classic West Coast Post Punk. And the children will LOVE it!

Psyched for the upcoming tour. I wonder how the California bread-basket will like the one-two-punch rhythms and almost-over-the-top vocals on this bitch?

Pretty brutal. Much approval, boys! Much approval!