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Metal France pictured Project Versus in Montréal.

Follow the link below to see us on stage. http://www.metalfrance.net/photos-concerts-metal/project-versus-samedi-17-decembre-2011

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Les Productions Corsaires presents: Virulys.

Project Versus will make a brieve appearance on stage with our friends from Virulys & Branded By Pain @ l'Hémisphère Gauche. Be there in great numbers.

Last opportunity to see Project Versus ''Live''.

Only 3 shows before the band take sometimes to gather its force for the renewal that is to come in 2012. Last night they've played with friends from ''Under Aspect'' in their hometown, & Trois-Rivières ''Sons Of Seth'' as special guest. It was a great event like the usual. So now, we focus on the next 3 shows of this year, and we invite all of you to join us in the last mileage of our week-end tour. Stay tune for more info to come. Cheers!

Our Next Shows

Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th 2011, Project Versus will be on stage both nights at Bistro Pub Renaud, 1084 Saint-Laurent in Longueuil. 21H00. Come and join us, Friday we'll share stage with Viruys / Fateless & Era Of Confusion 7,00$ Saturday, it will be with Insanitarium / Under Aspect & Kadraal 7,00$

Up-Coming Activities

Hello Everyone,

Just a reminder to let you know that we will take part to the "Camping Metal in Marieville, and also to a fund raising for S.P.C.A., Sunday, August 21st 2011. We'll play with great bands, and we'd like you to join us for that event. Bands like The Superstitious, Ol' School Johnny, Era Of Confusion / Les Krugers. For a cheap 5,00$. All the money goes 100% profit to the S.P.C.A.

Up Dates

We think it’s time that we take a moment to update our friends and fans! Well, as some of you might have noticed, Project Versus now has a new singer and his name is Daimon Hellstorm. He’s the ex singer of Pain By Noise and also the main booker for Hellstorm production. If ever you need help to setup a good show, drop him a line. So what has Project Versus been doing in the last few months? Well, we’ve been quite busy! First, we would like to officially announce that we’re indeed working on an EP. In fact, we’re actually almost done with the recording but before we announce a date, we want to make sure that the quality is exactly like we want it. Yes, it should be out this Fall but we don’t want to rush a date yet. Since the release of Welcome Down To Earth, Carlos and Nico have often sat down to discuss how the band should approach it’s next release. Well in order to push the quality a notch, the band is really taking its time and every aspect of the EP has received at least four times the work that was put on Welcome Down To Earth. This time around, you can expect Violins, Pianos, quite a few new percussions and some acoustic guitars. We’re also introducing several new instrumental tracks and a complete remake of one of our old songs. Aside from the EP, We’ve also performed quite a few times this year and according to the rest of our schedule, it looks like we will be playing several more times before 2012. So if you haven’t seen us live, make sure to keep an eye on our upcoming announcements. Early last month, the band released it’s very first official Project Versus T-shirt. The artwork was for the most part, done by a charming lady known as Meridith Cape and our Drummer Oskar. If you wish to buy one, simply present yourself at our next show or write us. Project Versus is currently exploring the possibility of creating an unplug session, featuring some of our early material as well as introducing a lot of new stuff. This means that our unplug sessions would be unique and exclusive. Talks about filming a video has also been one of our main topic of discussion but as of yet, nothing official. Stay Frosty folks! The Project Versus Crew


Since July 2010, Project Versus has a new singer. Since the beginning, the band as solidify its material in order to take a bigger step in the industry. Since 2005, PROJECT VERSUS has given all they could to leave their marks. With all the projects they have for the years to come, they might leave some traces of their passages. So check out for Project Versus to know what is to come next. We have great surprise to come out this year.