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'Blue Light'

To mark 10 years since the release of my debut album 'Twilight-World Music', an unheard outtake called 'Blue Light', from the recording sessions is available to stream at http://sonnyminimal.bandcamp.com/track/blue-light

'Everything Was Golden' Video

A new video for the song 'Everything Was Golden' is now available to watch on the Reverbnation page. Filmed mostly in Whitby, England, there are also short segments in London and New York. "It's like liquid light, So goldenly bright..."

Thoughts On A Bluebell Wood

Sometimes, removing yourself from your present surroundings, can give you a sense of clarity which perhaps you might not reach when the brain is so congested by familiar spaces, people and sounds. I took myself to a quiet place which always has a positive effect on me when I go there; in previous years it has provided me with inspiration for my work, as well as enquiry into myself which at this time is very much needed. When you're stopping yourself from going forward there has to be reasons, and going to this beautiful place in the country enabled me to question my fears, because in the silence I was able to think. All the negative thoughts seeped away, and I was able to sit down and be productive with the new songs. My room this time was upstairs and removed from the main part of the house. Clean and ordered. Single bed with white linen, and simple furniture which included a desk where I found a blue A4 writing pad for myself to use; I inscribed it as 'Album No:3' and took out all of my new lyrics and placed them over the bed one at a time. "Are these relevant to me now?" I asked myself. If something is no longer meaningful, it should be discarded without fear for in time new thoughts and ideas will come about. (you can read more of the 'Journal' entry at www.sonnyminimal.com)

Dew Bright Earth Video

A new video has been made for 'Dew Bright Earth' from the 'Illuminant' E.P. which can be viewed on my Reverbnation page or over here: http://youtu.be/MI_00CncNJk

'Illuminant' E.P. Out Now

The 'Illuminant' E.P. is released today on CD, Special Edition and Download. The E.P. will stream in full on the official web site this week only http://www.sonnyminimal.com

'Illuminant' Collection

Details of the new E.P. have been posted on the official web site at http://www.sonnyminimal.com/news.html such as the special edition, poster and greetings cards. The E.P. will premiere in full on my web site on the release (21/11/11).

New E.P. Trailer

The first preview of the new E.P. can now be seen and heard over at the 'News' section of the official web site http://www.sonnyminimal.com/ Further previews will be posted leading up to the 21st November release date.

'Elegies' Book

I am pleased to announce the release of my first book, which is titled 'Elegies'. This limited edition forty page softback volume measures 7"x7" with a glossy cover and inside pages printed in a semi-matte finish on 135 grm paper. The book features the complete photographic images created for 'The Spirit Of Elegy' album, and all of the lyrics from the same release as well as the first album, 'Twilight-World Music'. Each book will be signed and include a copy of the 'Frost Fair' CD single. 'Elegies' is available to purchase from the official web site store.