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Good Tidings and Such

Dearest Lunatics,

What's crackin'!? November is definitely starting off nicely with the posting of our new recordings. I (Tyler) am glad so many have heeded the call and lent their ears to our tracks. We appreciate it more than you could believe. It's not too late, if you haven't gave a quick listen ;).

As of now, we have no upcoming shows to report, but I have a feeling one may soon be on the books and possibly some other surprises. November may shape up into a wonderful month indeed.

That's all for now! Keep up the grassroots mission and tell your friends to tell their friends so we can be friends. Just joshing! Thank you again oh so very much for the support.

Speak easy and stay breezy,


What's up LUNAtics!

We wanna thank all you cool cats for the countless support and encouragement! We don't have an official blog yet, but I (Tyler) thought it would be nice to slather down some tidbits on this little bit of sliced blog bread.

Get ready for the future btw! We have quite a few things in the works, and I can't wait to rock them out. We got tricks on tricks up our sleeves and are looking to hit the grass roots campaign. You interested in spreading the word? Post it, Tweet it, Blurp it, Stumble Upon it, Youtube it...you do you! Anybody interested in being a part of a street team? It could be fun fo sho. Any little thing helps and we shall shout out your efforts most indeedy. Let's LUNAtize Springvegas!

Speak easy and stay breezy,

Ty Ty