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Spending my time listening to so much great music. Finding some beautiful stuff! Melodious tones....abound! :)

So LIttle Time....

Damn! There is so much good music out there, and so little time.... I'm amazed at the diverse and high quality of music that is found here in Reverb Nation Land! Wow!


We truly appreciate you leaving your comments! It's so nice to get a little feed back. We're humbled by all your kind words! Godspeed all!


We are so blown away by all of the recent listeners and new fans that have stopped by, checked us out, and left comments. Humbled!!! We truly love what we do and love what you do too! We will be posting some new stuff here in the near future. We have hours and hours of recorded material. Just need to go through some of it and find some worthy of posting. Keep rocking in the free world! Thank you, thank you all so much!


I have come across some amazing music and amazing musicians here on Reverb Nation. It's so very nice to get a little feed back from other musicians out there. Having a blast listening to so much exceptional music. I'm blown away by a lot of it! thanks for sharing your craft! I for one enjoy the hell out of it! The quest continues! Keep it real, keep it rocking my friends!


Thanks all! It's good to be here! So very cool listening to all the different and new artists and music out there. The boys and I appreciate you listening to our stuff. These clips were from a late night jam with a few friends and the recorder was running. There are ten clips in all...lol. Maybe we'll post some others too! Some moments better than others, but aren't they all! Keep it real, keep it groovin! Kevin