Promoter: A person or company that finances or organizes a sporting event or theatrical production or A person or thing that promotes something, in particular. A promoter is also a person who organizes and provides financial backing for a sporting event or entertainment. The key word in all these definitions is "financial backing". One can assume that a promoter lays out the money for an event, hires the entertainment, books the venues, etc. Today, most promoters are nothing more than a person who rents a room at a venue promising that venue a money making event. Promoters today work for the venue NOT the bands. Do not trust someone who tells you that you have to GUARANTEE him/her payment to appear on a bill. You are the entertainment and should be paid to perform. This payment can be based on your draw, which is fair, but must never cost you money. The promoter in this arrangement takes no risk. This is NOT good business for anybody. Just saying.


There is a feeling out there that anybody can be a promoter. This is not so. A promoter is a business person who must take risks. One of these risks is guaranteeing payment to the band, especially if they sell tickets. If a band sells 10 tickets or 500 tickets the "commission" they are paid shouldn't change. Bands are what keeps the promoters alive........to send the band management the wrong tickets and then expect them to sell them anyway is wrong........to tell the band that they will only earn 10% on sales is also wrong. As a band leader I have a responsibility to my band members to get them compensation to play. As a promoter you have a responsibility to make sure I get paid. This is a business, not everyone is cut out to be a business person.......just sayin'


Everyone has their idea on what integrity means. Some say it means adherence to moral and ethical principles. Others may say that it is the state of being whole, entire and undiminished. I think all would agree it is a virtue. One must do what is right for him or herself. When is it right to disrupt others? A rhetorical question. When someone agrees, even in part, to do a task, accomplish a thing, assist others, it is integrity that forces or motivates that person to do so. This is done even if it inconveniences oneself. This, to me, is integrity.

The music business is full of broken promises, shattered dreams, backstabbing and deceit. When egos are involved everything suffers. Make a commitment, share your dreams, create, conspire and it will happen. Move away from this into your own self absorbtion and it will all fail.

Rock on.


Sometimes songs come out of an experience you have. For example "Thirty Mile" is based loosely on an incident that happened at Foxwoods Casino. The line..."you wheel on up and say to me, oooh I like your stack" really happened and is the inspiration for the song. Musically, I had two chord progressions just lying around in my head. I would play them but not together. If you listen closely to this song you'll notice that just before the keyboard solo the progression changes. This is how this song was written.