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2015 band update of legends \m/

Hey everyone, Rambo here. hope its been a good one, I know its been one of the craziest years of my entire life.. Wherever the big man upstairs likes to stay, tell him we're not quite ready yet to stop. Starting now - My time is 9:32 AM on the morning of November 13th Two Thousand and Fifteen - a complete Revamp of all sorts is taking place within the band and I am more excited than ever! Who knew the way things have been would end up turning into the way things are now.. New drummer isn't so much of a surprise in our department, but a new bassist too?? You do not want to miss this! To tell the truth I wasn't the quickest to the draw on this one, and due to largely catastrophic events leading up to the beginning of last year, my reaction time must've been slower than molasses. I never would've guessed it would turn out like this.. but I will not hesitate to say that not only am I happy, but I know within my heart without a shadow of a doubt that any fan of Eternal Mosh will be happy as well! moreso I am very thankful for the time I was able to spend with all of my former members.. but the time to move on is neigh! So with all that being said, we are in the midst of recording several pieces of work, including Demos, LPs, Videos (actual music videos, mind you), New Songs, New MeRcH, Neo - soundtracks for our New game.. I don't need to waste the time its gonna take working on all of this, on typing it all out! Trust me if you want to see anything coming up its going to be a short while before the first batch is prime and ready. Also on a side note, Our first Cd is now available for download on this very site - GO CHECK THAT SHIT OWT- Its oldschool as usual. We will be releasing new songs onto reverbnation as soon as they are of adequate recording quality. AAAnd great consideration into the prospect of uploading 2 (that's two : ) of our older EPs onto reverbnation for Free download has been taken, its a great idea and the likelihood is pretty damn high, at least for now!! Did I mention it would be FREE? In the words of John Hammond from Jurassic Park - We Spared No Expense : ) Anyways that's about all for now, Continue to keep an eye out for all the ground breaking pioneering work going on around you from all angles. The time is now 9:49 AM 11-13-15.. ROCK ON MOSH IT UP SLIDE ONE KEEP IT METAL!! \m/

Woah . . . is it me, or did everything just taste purple to you?

On a serious note though, this year is looking very promising. On one hand we got the New EP CD coming out today, and on the other hand we have a BRAND NEW CAR :D. Nah just pulling your chain, or was I? (enter creepy twilight zone music here)

Getting ready for the new year

Man this new year is supposed to be the most interesting of them all. Been reading some shit about how this is the year that we will find aliens or vice versa. either way Its cool to me :D.

The band is getting ready for a show coming up on the 19th In Andrews Texas :D so if your in the neighborhood you should swing by. Need to give thanks to the band who got us the oprotunity "Shackled to the Grave" give it up to them. Check theyre shit out also. they have some pretty good shit.

OTher than that its cold and windy out here. Need some warmth :D