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Recording In the Basement, Playing Road Hockey, Keeping it Focused

Cats, kittens, dogs and shitheads alike.

Well here we are on our new, fancy reverbnation profile... Myspace can certainly snort a fat bag of excrement. This is good! This is nice. Good and nice to be here. Fine with me.

So, we've been at a bit of a standstill since the end of last year. It was natural though. We worked our asses off all through last year. Made some great band buddies and played with some major rock and roll influences (Nomeansno, Grady, blah blah blah namedroppin' and shit whatever.)

Well that's all in the past. Bottom line is we've grown bored with old material. So what's a band to do? Write some new stuff man! We've got a line on about seven (7) new tunes. All I can say is that the band is expanding it's musical boundaries, pushing the limits, and finding new ways to reinvent the chord, and typical chord-structure. Great! Done in standard Lustre Creame style. We've recruited a brilliant local engineer to withhold the recording and mixing duties this time, so we can focus on things that are more important. Like the fucking music. Don't get us wrong, we had fun making the last album, (picky-level six motherfucker!) but let's face it. If we are going to be writing and preforming this type of music, we need to rid our lives of all the stressful details that can distract, contort, and debauch (although that would be fun) our current goal: writing the hardest-rocking, ass-kicking-kick-ass-rocking-rolling-rock-a-rigmarole Deathbridge has ever seen or heard.

Ok, my mouth is dry, I'm hung over, and road hockey is in an hour and twenty minutes. I'm going to get my kick-ass on.