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Rejyna Featured on Randy Branch's Tune Hear!

"As any true artist will tell you, the sense of wonderment and the joy of discovery is part of the journey in the creative process. To refuse to rest on your laurels and to keep reaching for that which may seem unattainable, brings about an inner joy and satisfaction that helps to take you to that next level. Rejyna is such an artist. By continuing to expand her sonic canvas, adding an array of colors, imagination and good ole’ fashioned hard work, she has created a world of sound that is engaging for herself and her listeners…" http://preparedguitar.blogspot.com.es/2015/03/rejyna.html

Song for Mom

My mom inspires me musically, spiritually and because she loves all of nature - and nature loves her. I was born and raised in a place where every season has its own personality, and if you listen carefully, you can hear those seasons singing. I can hear the animals, the plants and all of nature calling us to take special care to preserve, protect and cohabitate. I dedicate this song to my mom, Jorie Green Thumb, one of Mother's Nature's best friends. Jorie Green Thumb (Song For My Mom) Hints of Summer, frost melts at sunrise Scents of Spring in the trees and a breeze and she smiles Touch the forest, whisper to the grass Drink in all that the garden will share and take care of the sparrow Ride the river, fly high through the sky Finding joy in the nature of things and she sings like an angel See her feed the birds and cultivate the flora, Mother Nature’s friend Flowers call her name in the morning aura, smiling as she tends to them Watch the sunset, dream-paint with the clouds Sitting fireside, warm and bright dancing light in her eyes Open windows, chimes ringing in the wind Jorie Green Thumb is smiling and singing and bringing the Spring to me LISTEN HERE: https://soundcloud.com/rejyna/jorie-green-thumb-song-for-mom I would load the audio here but I am out of 'free' space, and not being inclined to pay to provide this site with my content - that is upside down... Download the entire release, or get a real Compact Disc (CD) version at: http://cdbaby.com/cd/rejyna3 c. Rejyna Douglass-Whitman (BMI) Published by W.E./Citadel of Cynosure Productions (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication, repurposing, exhibition or performance is prohibited by US and international copyright laws.

How did you do that looper thing on IDIO?

So many folks have asked for more information on the process I used to record my newest CD using only one JamMan Solo Looper Pedal. So, here's the skinny: Each song was recorded using multiple memory slots on a single DigiTech JamMan Solo (before I had my current 6-looper setup) - I recorded the initial loop and subsequent variations in mono. I then loaded these loops into SoundForge and stitched them together, adding pre-verbs, puesdo-stereo and other effects before rendering out as an uncompressed instrumental stem. This was loaded onto a DigiTech GNX4 pedal-based 'DAW', where I tracked lead vocals to their own tracks. The vocals were 'dressed' separately in SoundForge and rendered out. The music stem and the vocal stem were arranged and layered in video editing software (Pinnacle and Vegas), rendered out and that final was then 'mastered' in SoundForge. I did not intend to proceed in this fashion but it turned out better than I had expected, so I went with it... All instruments go thru the board (Yamaha MG82CX) to get to the JamMan looper thru the fx send. No midi guitar on this CD except one track. Guitars are an Ovation Balladeer and a Yamaha APX500II - both going thru the Boss GT3 for all sounds except the Tyler Mountain Ovation-style mandolin that is on two tracks. The drums are me playing a Yamaha DD55 sent to the looper thru the board. The vocals go thru a Digitech Vocalist Live Pro for compression, effects and harmonies. The vocal mic's for BG vocals is the ATM73a headset and the lead vocals were sung thru an SM57. I used what I had on hand to meet hard time availability constraints and to get it 'done and move on'… The vocals were written (I believe it is best described as Jon Anderson-style), where phonetic mumblings are first recorded and then words are found to match those mumblings - those words are then further manipulated to uncover any available concept that was 'channeled' in the mumblings. I find that process more fun than trying to contrive lyrics to a predetermined theme. Lyrics are important to me but I look for sonic rhymes and odd meter as style choices. Five tracks with lyrics are uploaded on my 'maxed out' ReverbNation page here: http://www.reverbnation.com/playlist/view_playlist/3512008 Those tracks with lyrics, and a new one, plus future tracks will be on my SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/rejyna/sets/idio-selected-cuts The complete liner notes and lyrics are posted on my blog here: http://citadelsongs.wordpress.com/2014/09/28/idio-cd-pre-release-10-14-14-liner-notes-and-tour-dates/ If you have time to listen, you have my sincere gratitude. Many have already listened and commented and I so appreciate that! If you are inclined to share or comment, please do so. This is new ground for me and there are many different styles here, as well as many flaws and embedded 'oops' moments. The CD can be downloaded at cdbaby.com/cd/rejyna 3 - physical discs are at CDBaby too and iTunes, Amazon, etc folks have them to download. That' s the how-to! You can ask me specific questions and I 'll help as best as I can. My goal is to demystify this process so that interested artists can learn how to do loop. As a performing, or a writing or a rehearsal tool - the DigiTech JamMan loopers are my choice, for many reasons, their loopers outdo all the others.

ugly bags of mostly water...

We were called 'ugly bags of mostly water' in a Star Trek episode ('Home Soil')* and this aptly describes what unifies us as a species. Without water, we all die. Regardless of skin color, flag or theology and in spite of borders, barriers and bigotry. Water unites us. I use this metaphor to represent my belief that our species can choose to see beyond that which divides us. A bonus is at the end when I put forth my best Jean-Luc Picard impersonation…Happy listening to all my global brother and sister water bags! https://soundcloud.com/rejyna/born-here-autochthonous Born Here (Autochthonous Anthem) Bringing you water, bringing the water, bringing your water, bring me water Everyone’s water, you are of water, I am of water, we are water You wanna take it out You wanna break it out You wanna shake it out and stake it out and make it out You gotta bring it in, you gotta get the win, you gotta take the spin and break the wind and save your skin Say that you are gonna, say that you wanna, say that you shoulda, coulda, oughta Say that you mean it, say that you swear it, say that you care and you dare to be there for it Why look outside when the truth is inside in a place where hope cannot hide, cannot steal, cannot lie Borders collide, battle cries, sides take sides, minds devise the divide to demise realized in the tear of a child’s eye You see it, yes you do, a chance to follow through, it’s right in front of you, beside of you, you know it’s true You see a better day, you feel, you share, you play, you separate the colors from the shades of dreary gray (Spoken) We are born here, we all are born here on this planet. Among us are no aliens, no immigrants, no refugees – we are all humans from one earth – borders are not organic – each person is one-hundred percent autochthonous. Download the entire CD at: http://cdbaby.com/rejyna3 c. Rejyna Douglass-Whitman (BMI) Published by W.E./Citadel of Cynosure Productions (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication, repurposing, exhibition or performance is prohibited by US and international copyright laws. * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Soil

HEAR New Songs from my CD - IDIO!

I've posted the lyrics and music from five songs from my new CD here on ReverbNation. I'll continue to post more but please give a listen to the ones here now. A nice cross section of styles and moods all created in live looping sessions. I recorded the music on multiple slots of a JamMan Solo loop pedal, the vocals were tracked on a GNX4 and the loops were stitched into songs in SoundForge. Using acoustic guitars, my voice and my electronic drums with the looper and special effects allows me to perform these songs live - sounding like a full band. Check out the new tunes and leave your comments please! And share the songs on your profiles or your blogs. Every play is important!' THE IDIO PLAYLIST ON REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/playlist/view_playlist/3512008 THE FULL CD CAN BE DOWNLOADED AT: http://cdbaby.com/cd/rejyna3 Thanks! Rejyna

New and untweaked: Improv Loop Sonic Sketches

I typically write structured songs for solo live looping or ensemble performance and release. However, I decided it would be fun to post some of the song ideas that crop up in my head between rehearsing my structured songs. I use one looper: A JamMan Solo with the FS3X 3-button external footswitch. I play either an Ovation Balladeer or a Yamaha APX500II thru a vintage Boss GT3 multi-effect ideal. I use an ATM73a headset mic thru a Vocalist Live Pro or Vocalist Live 3. I use a set of Yamaha DD55 electronic drums (not a drum machine or sequencer, I play these live with hands/sticks). All of these sources are routed thru a Yamaha MG82cx board and then into the looper.

These are all created live on the fly by saving and moving and saving and copying and then switching between playback from what has been saved as separate loops. This is how my songwriting process usually goes these days, in this playlist, you're hearing the raw beginnings of songs for my future releases. Enjoy and thanks for listening \,,/ https://soundcloud.com/rejyna/sets/loops-flips-and-bridges-rough

Rejyna at The Talking Stick Coffee Lounge

A few friends pointed out this cool place in Venice and I'll be doing a set of my songs starting at 7pm sharp on Thursday Feb, 21 -

- the Talking Stick has good food and beverages and a wonderful non-corporate coffee shop vibe -

- it's a non-profit venue that has been supporting indie live music every night for many years here - no cover songs allowed!

- so yeah, I gotta play this place again, how 'bout next month? 1141 Lincoln Blvd. at the California Street corner mini-mall. See ya there :)

In 'studio-mode'...

...working on a bunch of new tunes for the next solo and band releases - soon 2 b heading west - then more shows :)

June Shows in Columbus

Took a little break from playing live so I could tweak and fiddle with my midi guitar rig and now it's June and time for a few shows! On Saturday, June 9th, I'm playing at Java Central in Uptown Westerville with special guests, Paul Gregory-whitt and Kennedy Blake (7p-10p). Then the next weekend, Jim Volk and I are splitting a show at the Brothers Drake Meadery, Saturday, June 16 (6p-9p). The following weekend is Comfest and all I can say right now is stay tuned (but it might be a good idea to plan on hanging out at the Solar Stage at 4:00pm on Sun June 24...) So there you have it, three opportunites for me to share my songs with the cool folks, friends and family. One truly special thing about the shows on the 16th and 24th is that my wonderfully amazing daughter will be in town from Los Angeles to hear me and my friends burn up some fretboards. I'm thankful for these opportunities to play my music and I look forward to seeing many of you there! Peace!

Columbus, Ohio: Indie Music Mecca!

I've been performing in and around Columbus, Ohio for the past 8 months and I am amazed at the quality and caliber of the soloists and bands here. After being in Los Angeles for over 25 years, it has been a nice respite to return to my home state and witness so much excellent talent! If you're in or around the city, I'd suggest hearing Marc Hizer, Jim Volk, Eric and Ben Altheen, Lydia Brownfield, Luke Mossberg, Christopher Gatsby, Molly Winters, Billy Zenn, Frank Grimes (band), Andyman Hopkins, Barry Mancz (biiled as Rawkadeus), Mark Hunter, McGuffey Lane, Willie Phoenix, Shohei Toyoda, Brian Schmidt (billed as Gichigami) and Zachariah Whitney (to name a few :) And as far as places to hear music, Brothers Drake Meadery, Java Central, Woodlands, Shrunken Head and Ruby Tuesday's are so far my most frequented haunts... Columbus, Ohio has GREAT MUSIC!!!