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The Road to Narnia

So I know Cooper hasn't kept up on his blogs, considering the last one was done in April of 2011, so we are going to approach this a different way. If we get good feedback and people following we will continue. This is his Tour Manager btw, the name is Dustin Mayfield, I basically take care of all the booking, organizing and touring responsibilities of the music industry. I am on the road with Cooper about 95% of the time, so from here on out whenever we hit the road I will keep you posted on where and what we are doing. See the life of the road from the inside. Its a fun, non stop, no sleep, exciting, clustered, sometimes intoxicated but always hungover life on the road. But new fan, friends, and memories are always being made. Stick around if you want to be a part. Feel free to ask questions, not promising I will answer them all! haha

The long road Vol.1

I want to keep people up on the journey. The journey from here to there......I don't know where there is but I think movement is the key. My wife and I have came to some big decisions in the last week or two. Several trips to Austin Tx have been planned to try my hand to a bigger crowd. A renewed commitment to my song writing and the process of.So I know this is short for a first installment of a blog but as I like to say and hate to hear "it is what it is"