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Finally! After almost four years... a new solo album!

My new album "Nobody Wins When Nobody Plays" ships on or before December 16th! This release comes three years and nine months after my last release "Something's Coming." I put everything I have into this new one and I hope you will enjoy it. I am currently streaming a song called "Senseless Paranoia" from the new album and will be streaming a second single on release day.

New stuff on the way!

Hello there. Ty Tabor is currently finishing The Jelly Jam, Shall We Descend, the third release from Ty's side project made up of Ty (King's X) on vocals and guitar, John Myung (Dream Theater) on bass, and Rod Morgenstein (The Dregs, Winger) on drums and percussion. Also look for a new Ty Tabor Solo release within the next year!