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Your skin gives off a soft warm glow overpowering my thoughts and mind. Longing for you dearly admiring your beauty as the earth turns with time. Daydreaming of us walking in the night’s fresh air with hearts so true. The stars in the sky reveal each goddess none compares to you. When our eyes meet my heat grows fonder for they are like everlasting dreams. Your voice caresses my eardrum tenderly amazes me it seems. Everything about you is so intriguing, intensifying my lust to grow. My thoughts are hidden behind respect as my concern valve open and flow. You stand as a touch of class below you others remain. You’re blessed with care as you became the fire to my soul’s internal flame.


You carried me nine months inside of you in darkness I existed. Having no knowledge of what was to come I just moved and twisted. Not knowing all the pain I cause at birth coming from inside. That’s why your love is so strong and your child became your pride. You protected me as I was growing up with you my heart can sing. You sheltered me from the stormy weather and took me under your wing. When I fell down you would pick me up and say, “try try again.” You told me things before the happen you are my best friend. Never have you abandoned me and your shoulders I cried upon many times. You told me it would be alright and with God I should abide. Now it’s time to give back some love that was given to me. Glad the rose I’m wearing is red you’re my hero you see. Still in this old world with me your advice is the best. You lead me and guide me through many seasons I know I’m truly blessed. Thank you God for my mother her heart is true and pure. The daily struggles life throws at me my mother has endured.

"The Silence"

Here we are standing in the silence shhhh. Can you hear the silence? Listen carefully and you will hear. Pennies dropping in a poor bum's bucket. Babies crying for food to eat. Sirens ringing to the corner of Project Av. and Hood St., gunshoots banging while pointed at the head of my brother. Why is he my brother my mind asks, but the silence clamly answers your kind is your family, so anybody with the same skin tones as me is my brother or sister and those seven skin tones lighter has to be my enemy. In silence comes truth , but what truth is being preach in slience. Shhhhhhhhhh. You must listen to what is hidden in silence. In our sweet land of opportumity the poor is only getting poorer. Law enforcements are found more in the ghettos than in any housing development. How many black men are filling our prisons? Shhhhhhhh, you must listen to the silence its speaking. - Tyesha 3