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Hey Pilotlights (new and old),

I have been through ups and downs throughout the course of my time in existence, but nothing had prepared me for the one of the worst pains in my entire life. I recently lost my step-dad and my idol in the same month, and it has opened my eyes and heart to a world of hurt. It has also opened doors of emotion that can only be expressed in music. So, within the last month I have decided to start fresh. I will soon be a Washington state resident, I am debuting my first J1 Studios album, and I am scrapping my old projects to make room for new ones. This metamorphosis will be about a whole new level of music expression I hope to achieve. I thank the powers that be for every day I get on this planet, so I plan to use the ones I have remaining pouring my heart out for you Pilotlights. Thanx for the spark.

P.S. - I am taking most of my old music down and posting something new. I hope you like it.

Back on track!

Hey Pilotlights. I know I've been (shall we say) MIA. The life of an artist is not easy. The point is to do what you love and never let any obstacles stop you from chasing the dream. So, here I am. Another year and I am still working toward my ultimate goal. I want to thank all of my loyal fans (Pilotlights) whom never gave up on me and continually support me through the years of lifeless activity that I am drug through. I hope to see you all at my future show(s)/performances, as all that I do is dedicated to you. I love my art and I am so glad you enjoy it as well. As always, Thanx for the spark.

Hey Pilotlights

I have had a hard time with my music and life in general, but this is my dream so I am not giving up. I have spent the past few years trying to get my life together and I still am searching for stability. I was engaged and then betrayed, lost many "friends" to BS, and have had no luck with trying to recording my new music. I have limited resources and no leverage now, but I'm still going. I haven't been on my full site in ages and somehow fans still support me, so to all of you Pilotlights that still believe in me, I just want to say thanx . I hope that soon I'll get a chance to show you all and the world what I can do. Once again, Thanx for the spark.


To All My Fans (old and new),

I finally got a reliable artist page! All my recorded works from now on will be her as well as my working towards stardom. I hope everyone enjoys the music, video, and other items posted and sold through this site and it's extensions. Thank you for your continued support.

- Phyre

Dina Violinist
Dina Violinist  (over 4 years ago)

I saw you singing kiss me, by sixpence none the richer. You are really good, and should be playing everywhere! How come you're not? Anyway, I am going to post your videos to facebook. Really good.

Phyre  (about 4 years ago)

Thanx for the spark!